Friday, January 10, 2014

I Didn't Do Much, But I Liked The Parts of GTA 5 I Saw

Back in the fall, a friend loaned me Grand Theft Auto 4, and I found it sort of unsatisfying. While I was at Alex', GTA 5 was the primary diversion. They've already finished the story, so I didn't have any involvement with that. I did find a map on the side of a building at the top of a cable car, which sent Alex rushing to the Internet, where he learned of all the wonders that await if he and his roomies can just get that 100% completion.

So I spent my time trying to do some of the stuff to help make that happen. I found out I'm better at golf on Wii Sports than in GTA, and it's a cruel and unforgiving sport either way. Tennis is not any more fun for me to play than to watch. Skydiving and landing on moving vehicles is surprisingly easy.

The vehicles had a much greater sense of speed than I found in the ones I got ahold of in GTA 4, and much better handling. The ones that didn't handle so well were at least fast enough it made sense to me. The world provided is certainly huge. At times that was really impressive; other times it was exhausting trying to get from one place to another. You can call cabs and use them to fast travel to certain locations, but you know, that costs money.

Look, Franklin only had $21 million. You can't expect him to pay cab fare, at least not when I'm running the show.

Flying planes might have been my favorite part of the game. Flying helicopters, not so much. It's so awkward to get those things moving forward at any decent rate. The planes though, oh that was fun, except for when Johnny Law would get angry I drove on the airfield and stole a Lear Jet. It took far too many tries for me to successfully swipe a fighter jet off the military base and get away with it. Alex had some great idea about a hill to use as a ramp and vault the fence, but you had to hit it just right, so figure five or six times to get that right. Then get to the jet without being shot by the soldiers. Then get airborne, and get away from the base without being destroyed or damaged by surface to air missiles (the damaged bit happened at least 3 times). When it finally worked out, oh, I had some fun. Until I crashed into the blimp and died.

Anyway, it's 80% done now, so the rest of it is up to them.

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