Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Few Weeks Early For This Sort Of Thing

There are plenty of things to enjoy about being a ghost, if you're of the mind to enjoy it. Some like spying on people the best, or scaring them. Others enjoying the flying, or the invisibility. Some just like being able to break stuff knowing no one can stop them.

For me, it's being able to move through objects. Not because of how it feels; there's only a vague half-sensation most of the time. I'm more aware I'm passing through a wall because I see that it's happening. I'm on one side, then I'm in the wall, and then I'm on the other side. Moving through a living being is more noticeable, because you can feel the heat of them (yeah, even with reptiles. They're still warmer than I am). You can even pick up some of their emotions, it's like a tingling in what used to be my scalp. Although other spirits say it reminds them of a Charley horse, or getting butterflies in your stomach.

But I was always concerned with getting where I needed to go. Didn't want to be late, hated getting held up by weather or road construction. Most of the places I was trying to get weren't really that important, but I was determined to be there as soon as possible. Not any sort of problem now. Nothing can get in my way now. That I don't have anywhere in particular to be is beside the point. Anywhere I want to be, I can be. It'll get old, the spirits who have been here longer insist it all gets old, but that, too, is beside the point. It's a trick that hasn't gotten old yet, and I'm sure I'll take care of what's keeping me here before it does.

Just as soon as I can figure out what that is. I don't remember having any pressing business. Unless not wanting to be dead counts. I wanted to keep going, even if there wasn't anything concrete I wanted to get to. Maybe that was enough.

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