Monday, February 13, 2017

What I Bought 2/8/2017 - Part 2

Might as well cover the other comic I have at the moment. On another note, John Wick was on Syfy for some reason, and I notice they got their commercial break out of the way before the big nightclub fight scene that I love so very, very much. Thumbs up.

Ms. Marvel #15, by G. Willow Wilson (writer), Takeshi Miyazawa (artist), Ian Herring (color artist), Joe Caramagna (letterer) - Oh no fair, she can block the axes? Dang it Mario, why couldn't you be more like Kamala Khan?

Kamala is doing her best to try and track down this mysterious hacker who has figured out her identity. She thought she'd managed, even defeated the surprisingly powerful foe at a construction site, but immediately after losing, the apparent villain became very confused. Because Kamala is actually up against a self-aware program, one that can control people as well as machines. It's goals are unclear at the moment, maybe even to itself, except that it enjoys attention. The only way something with no corporeal form can feel like it has a real presence?

I'm not sure about the virus' assessment of the situation. He says she froze because he knows her secret, but she was at that construction site because she thought she'd tracked him down. She was in the "fight" half of "fight or flight" But was that because she thought she'd figured out his secret and restored equilibrium? I'm wondering if this is going to be the point when she reveals her identity to everybody, as a way to unmake the sword dangling over her head. She's seemingly lost Bruno because of Ms. Marvel - she was the one Danvers entrusted with this predictive justice thing, which is why they put a detention center there, which is how Bruno got hurt - and it's hard telling how the rest of her friends and family are going to react if the secret is blown. Nakia being extremely pissed would seem a certainty, probably Mike as well. She's possibly as scared of that as the whole "villains know where my loved ones are" (which, considering HYDRA Cap probably knows her secret i.d., is too little too late. Man I'm sick of HYDRA Cap being a thing that exists).

Miyazawa draws a pretty good "kicked in the stomach" face. I'm surprised Kamala is still carrying a bag with Carol Danvers' old logo on it. I know Kamala has kind of appropriated the logo, but I expected her fandom to have cooled. I like the shade of red Herring's using in this arc. He probably uses it a lot and I don't notice, but it's working real well here. He shades it towards purple in the lower half of a couple of panels during the big fight, down towards where the violence is taking place. In the panels where the virus is talking that he uses it, it's either all red, or it goes to black at the top of the panel. For the latter one, it's when it begins to dawn on Kamala she's got no clue how to deal with this threat. Either way, the red's a real attention-getter, although I feel almost feel like it's cribbing of the whole "red skies" thing DC uses for various Crises. But it could just as easily be the skies afire, or the onrushing twilight, or just red as in an alarm going off.


SallyP said...

I too am sick of Hydra Cap. Who really thought that was a good idea? Heck I prefer Cap Wolf!

CalvinPitt said...

I think Spencer turned Sam Wilson into a Cap Wolf in Sam's book sometime last year. But he was still slinging the shield and fighting evil, so definitely better than HYDRA Cap.