Sunday, August 06, 2017

Earthworm Jim 2.7 - Peanut of the Apes

Plot: Psy-Crow confronts the Generic President and demands the United States, but lets the President call the Earthworm Jim Coffee Can and String Hotline. Jim runs off Psy-Crow by showing him the debt he will assume if he does take over the country.

However, the kids' focus groups are not impressed and desperate to raise their sagging ratings, Jim institutes "Earthworm Interactive", where a fan named Cody is strapped into a chair and will get to decide what happens in the episode at certain points. Not a real kid, a cartoon one, relax.

That gimmick established, the actual plot begins, as Jim receives a call on his "pants phone" to respond to an attack by an ape at the local greasy chicken franchise. Despite his suit giving him the strength of '1,000 tree surgeons', Jim's in trouble until Cody pushes the "Win" button for him, at which point mashed potatoes save the day. As it turns out, the ape was a man just minutes ago, until he used a PFMH Co. moist towlette to clean himself. Soon there are apes all over the world, and PFMH Co. products are connected to all of them. Jim eventually (as in, well after Peter) realizes what PFMH stands for, and the heroes face Professor Monkey-for-a-Head. The Professor intends to use the Monkey as the only one who can communicate with the apes (because the Monkey is actually a chimp that thinks it's a monkey), and rule the world. But first, he tries his formula on Jim and Peter. Jim reacts with an overwhelming urge to wear corduroy jackets with leather patches, while Peter is turned into a haggis.

Fortunately, apes are terrified of Scottish food, giving our heroes a chance to run to run to the Planet of Creamy Foods for a mess of peanut butter, as that is the antidote for being turned into an ape. Humanity is saved, but the Professor steps through the screen Cody is watching all this on to threaten him into choosing the "Lose" button. Before that happens, the Professor is exposed to his own toxin and becomes Monkey Monkey-for-a-Head.

Quote of the Episode: Jim - 'How can I kick more, and be more like a brilliant physicist? It's agin' nature I tells ya!'

Times Peter turns into a Monster: 1 (19 overall).

Cow? Yes, at the fan's request.

Other: Peter's a fan of the old gag of leaving your outline in the wall when you run through it.

One of the children in the focus group wanted Jim to kick more, while one of the girls wanted him to be more like Stephen Hawking, prompting the quote above. Although, I kinda wished they'd picked a different brilliant physicist for the joke about scientists not being able to fight or whatever. One of the other kids hated cartoons that tried to put messages in their stories, like not running into walls. The other kid decided to try running into walls.

When Jim and Peter first burst in on the Professor, the Monkey was wearing a maid outfit. I don't know that I should say anything about that, what they do in the privacy of their own office is up to them, just figured you could have that image in your brain like I do.

It is nice of the Professor to support the Monkey's feelings that it is a monkey, even if it was born a chimpanzee.

When the Professor says Monkey will be the only one who can communicate with the humans-turned-apes, I assume he means to serve as a translator between these apes and anyone left as a human, but my first thought was he meant the apes themselves wouldn't be able to communicate with each other, which seems odd. But many of them might try initially to speak as they did while human, which probably wouldn't work. But sign language would still be an option.

The Planet of Creamy Foods has an entire sea of mayo. I'm getting nauseous thinking about it.

I like that they not only brought back the Generic President gag, but used the same generic president as last time.

At any rate, the series is winding down now as we're into the gimmick episodes, which will occur with increasing frequency over the next month. So we have that to look forward to.

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