Sunday, January 27, 2013

Burn Notice 4.9 - Center of the Storm

Plot: The episode starts with a storm hitting the town. In the midst of it, Vaughn pays Michael a visit, as Michael wants to meet with Simon to ask him about the book code. Vaughn makes a counteroffer: Give him the book, and let his guys look it over. An impasse is reached, and nobody is happy.

After the storm, Michael receives a visit from his old FBI acquaintances, Lane and Harris, who need a favor. They were supposed to guard James Bailey until he can testify against a Turkish syndicate. But they were ambushed by a guy with a shotgun and Bailey scattered. They're being called in for a chewing out, so they need Michael to track down Bailey. He opts to start by tracking the shooter through his gun, and good news, he succeeds! Bad news, Cole still got the drop on. So Michael pretends to be the other shooter hired, a Matt Reese, and tries to work with Cole. Problem is, Michael has less idea where Bailey is than Cole does. Also, the real Matt Reese is still out there. Which means Michael must rely on his powers of pop psychology to sway Cole to his side.

Personally, I think he'd be better of developing those trucker summoning powers Cole thinks he has.

While all this is going on, Fi has a visit from Vaughn. He decided she'd be more receptive to his pitch about handing over the book. Especially if he offers to have Jesse reinstated. Fi, unsurprisingly, doesn't take Vaughn up on the offer, but also doesn't kill Vaughn, which was slightly disappointing. No, she decides to trust Michael to make things right by Jesse, and Michael will get right on that. . . Just as soon as he finishes talking to Simon.

The Players: Vaughn ("Trusted" Teammate), Lane and Harris (Not Friends/The Clients), Pano (Gun Dealer), Cole (Expert Killer), Reese (Hired Gun with a Team), James and Joanne (In Need of a Friend)

Quote of the Episode: Michael - 'I risked my life! I got a man burned! And I've caught an endless wave of grief about it! Now I'm losing my patience. I'm asking a simple favor, and before you say no, you need to remember that I'm pretty dangerous, too.'

Does Fiona blow anything up? No.

Sam Axe Drink Count: 1 (14 overall)

Sam Getting Hit Count: 0 (8 overall)

Michael Fake Laugh Count: 0 (2 overall)

Other: Michael was Matt Reese for awhile. Sam was Detective Charlie Finley, Jesse was Mr. Vane, and Maddy was Smokin' Mama. This is what happens when you introduce CB radios into a plot.

I was a little surprised Mike admitted to Vaughn that he had a book code, but I guess that was the only way he could make his argument to meet with Simon. That quote I used was his argument to Vaughn about it. It didn't work, and Vaughn responded with his own threat, about there being other storms than this one coming. Which was more poetic, but less cool.

I still think Fiona should have just shot Vaughn.

If they were going to have Michael lose a fight to the real Matt Reese, they might have a hired a more imposing actor. The guy looks like Louis CK or Nick Bakay or something. How can Michael not beat that guy's ass?

I feel like someone with the superpower to summon truckers to their aid should fight Ghost Rider, don't you? Like how Orka (the Marvel one, not the Batman villain) gained strength from whales, and could summon them to his side. Maybe Jason Aaron already did that. One more reason to buy that Omnibus, I guess.

Jesse seemed unusually condescending towards Maddy this week. Shouldn't he have realized by now how sharp she is?

I really don't have anything else to say about the episode. It's not one of my favorites. The whole bit with Cole not really being that bad didn't interest me, considering he admitted to killing at least a couple of people already. Mike trying to use the feds to intimidate Vaughn was laughable, considering the influence he and Management were shown to have. At least Vaughn pointed it out immediately afterward, but that makes me wonder what the point was.

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