Friday, March 28, 2014

Not Much New Business In June

The solicitations for June's releases don't bring much change for me. None, actually. Still nothing on the non-Marvel front other than Harley Quinn and Atomic Robo (woo! Atomic Robo!) No new ongoings from Marvel. But there are a couple of things from Marvel to note.

First, it appears Avengers Undercover is going to follow its predecessor series, Avengers Arena, in shipping 3 issues every 2 months. It's shipping twice in April, which I had hoped was going to be a one-off thing, but it's doing so again in June, so nevermind. Normally more issues of a book you like is good, but this pace means issues not drawn by Kev Walker, and I've really grown to enjoy Walker's art over the span of the previous series and the first issue of this one. They're at least getting Tim Green II to draw issue 6, and I also like his artwork, but he is a bit different from Walker stylistically. Plus, the issue he's drawing is going to revolve around whether Deathlocket will actually try to kill Captain America or not, and I feel like his art does best when he gets to draw more non-human stuff (see the Rocket Raccoon and Groot mini-series he drew). So maybe something involving Cullen in his big monster form. Ah well.

The other thing is Deadpool continuing to tie-in to Original Sin. I feel as though I should trust Posehn and Duggan to do well with it, but even though I've read some very good tie-ins to big events over the span of this blog, it's more common they harm the book than help it. I'm also not sure what the heck Wade is doing getting mixed up in someone killing the Watcher, unless this is going to be like Garth Ennis' Hitman tie-in for DC One Million. Just taking the piss on the whole thing. I don't think that would really need more than one issue, and they're already up to at least two confirmed.

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