Saturday, April 19, 2014

Return Of The Meme

Something I keep meaning to do is revisit some of those old "list of questions" posts and see how the answers have changed. So here's one, it's been over five years since I did this.

Favorite regular series?
Daredevil holds this until someone takes it away.

Comic book character you recently discovered/started reading?
The current Ms. Marvel's only been around for a couple months, I'd say that qualifies as "recent".

If you could write/draw one character, who would it be?
Well, Kurt Wagner's got his own series right now, so I'll leave him to Claremont and Nauck. The idea of trying to do right by any character I really like is still terrifying, but I don't want to pick somebody I hate, much as I might enjoy hate-writing Batman as a jackass that actually gets called out for being a jackass. So let's say, Darkhawk. Maybe just because I have this itch to try and do a sketch of him recently. Admittedly, I don't know if I'd keep him on Earth of send him to space. If I did the latter, I prefer his original origin, but either way, he could be a marked man or someone who has a bad reputation because of the armor and has to deal with that. Lots of weird unsavory alien characters. Wizards robbing planets of nitrogen to create stuff.

Are you a big fan of multi-issue crossover extravaganzas?
Hahahahahahahaha - NO.

Last comic book series you dropped and why?
X-Men. The inability to keep a consistent artist, the weird hanging plot stuff where I couldn't decide if Wood was teasing something out for later or just being sloppy, the way he tried to show off the characters' powers in ways that were meant to be cool, but ended up seeming needlessly complicated. Plus, because it was an X-book, I realized it was always going to be getting drawn into whatever stupid multi-issue crossover extravaganza Bendis had cooking. Guaranteed to go nowhere, accomplish nothing, and be damn boring while doing it. No thanks.

Favorite character?
Spider-Man, Spider-Man, but no damn Otto Octavius running around in his body, thank you kindly.

Are you a DC or Marvel fan?
I like and read considerably more Marvel comics than DC, so Marvel. These days it's drifted back towards the levels of the blog's early years. Not quite the 12-to-1 ratio of 2007, but 8 or 9-to-1 is in play. I will mention that I've been buying a lot of older series from DC over the last 5 years, moreso than with Marvel, so that's something.

Do you remember your first comic/series?
Answer hasn't changed. Amazing Spider-Man #273. I mean, you could argue it was any of the Marvel comics that were in that first batch of Christmas gifts. Spectacular Spider-Man #111, Incredible Hulk #316, West Coast Avengers #6, ROM #75, Fantastic Four #287, Avengers #263, Uncanny X-Men #202 (first issue after Storm beat Cyclops and sent him packing). I remember Chad Nevett wondered once how someone could like the X-Men and not like Cyclops. It's easy. Start reading X-Men comics when Cyclops isn't around, then see how much he ruins things when he reappears.

Is Watchmen the movie going to be as good as the comic book?
That's a little dated, and I believe the answer was "No." Let's change that to Guardians of the Galaxy, and there the asnwer depends. If the bar is Bendis' run on the title, then I sure hope the movie is considerably better. If we're talking Abnett/Lanning, or Valentino, or the original '70s stuff, well it'd be nice, but I'm not confident.

Favorite comic book movie?
Holy crap, did I put the Thomas Jane Punisher movie in the running there? Jeez, let's just forget I said that. It's either Iron Man, or Captain America: The First Avenger. Probably Captain America. I like Iron Man, but I can't totally ignore RDJ kind of copped comic book Hawkeye's personality for movie Tony Stark.

Worst comic book movie?
I said Batman and Robin, and I stand by that assertion.

Character you'd like to see in a movie?
Comic book Hawkeye, with the personality and everything. Someone who hasn't occurred at all? Patsy Walker? Do the whole schmear, popular actress or whatever the equivalent would be of her Archie-style comic days, moving into her wanting to be a super-hero and finding the suit. I think she'd have to find it herself, because with the way the Avengers' creation is all tied up in SHIELD in the cinematic universe, I can't see them giving her the outfit. Or the Black Cat, a slinky, flirty cat burglar who really enjoys stealing, and enjoys doing the job well and with style.

Series you'd like to see on TV?
Well the Suicide Squad is already showing up on Arrow, so I still think the mutant detective agency X-Factor has potential, and let's switch GrimJack from a movie idea to a series. Yeah, the effects budget will be lower, but it'll let them really flesh out the idea of Cynosure as a pan-dimensional city with a lot of different moving parts and players.


SallyP said...

Comicbook Hawkeye would indeed be a good choice.

But seriously...Darkhawk?

CalvinPitt said...

Don't you take the name of Darkhawk in vain!

Seriously though, I think they could do some cool stuff with him. Trying to save people out in space, but with no legal standing like the Nova Corps, Shi'ar Imperial Guard, or nowadays, the Avengers I guess. So he's helping, but maybe he's an outlaw, hunted, trying to be sneaky, maybe using his questionable rep with the law to pass through the criminal ranks more freely.