Friday, April 25, 2014

There's Confusion And Disappointment In This Month's Solicits

There are actually things I plan to discuss which aren't related to Marvel. I know, shocking. But we'll start with those anyway.

Good news: New Rocket Raccoon ongoing! I have no idea how long Skottie Young will continue to write and (especially) draw it, but I'm on board for the time being.

Bad news: Gee, where to begin? Hawkeye isn't listed, meaning it's fallen behind. Again. Instead of soliciting what I think was going to be the final issue of Superior Foes, they resolicited issue #13, which is supposed to come out in May. So it's going to skip the next 2 months? If that's so, the fact the most recent two issues were lousy is going to leave a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. Daredevil's shipping twice. . . I think. I didn't see a solicitation for #6 anywhere, but it's on the order form. Don't double-ship Daredevil, Marvel! I don't want loss of quality because you starting rushing those fellows.

Also, don't make it do a tie-in to Original Sin. Bad enough Deadpool's tying in, at least that might take the piss out of the mess.

I considered adding Spider-Man 2099 to the pull list. Peter David is writing it, but man, Wil Sliney. I was not impressed by his artwork on Fearless Defenders. I didn't hate it, it was just sort of there, and I loved Leonardi's work on the original 2099 series. For $3 an issue I'd live with it, but not $4.

I think that covers the Marvel stuff, so let's move to other things. DC posted solicitations not only for July's books, but September's as well. As you may recall, DC has decided every September will be some sort of special event month for their books. Last year was the Villains Month, the year before that the Zero Issues. This year will be some Future's End related nonsense, complete with more special covers! Oh boy! At least this time they have announced that there will also be cheaper versions of the comics, presumably with boring, unspecial covers for lameos like me. Assuming I choose to buy any of them, which is no guarantee. May just sit that month out.

I know Image has this reputation now for having a lot of good, creator-owned stuff. Frankly, not much of it has appealed. I thought about East of West, but Hickman's pacing is so glacial I think I'm better off waiting for a conclusion to see if people think it's worth the trouble. I considered Deadly Class strictly on the basis of Wes Craig drawing it (loved his work on Guardians of the Galaxy), but then I read that it was about a school for prospective young assassins and what I pictured in my head looked really tedious. I was considering Low, which is a new thing Remender's got starting up with Greg Tocchini in July. The idea of humanity living at the bottom of the ocean to escape overwhelming solar radiation, and now they've emerged to recover a probe that might point to another inhabitable planet, sounds good. But that's what I thought about his Dimension Z idea for Captain America, and that was a massive disappointment. I just don't trust Remender enough right now. Maybe if I hear enough good things

The latest Atomic Robo mini-series will be continuing, and the only other thing of note for me is they relisted Tick The Complete Edlund trade. I haven't seen it available anywhere online for less than what it'll cost to get a new copy in two months, so what the hell. I've been meaning to try the Tick comics for awhile now, and I figure it makes sense to start at the beginning and work forward from there. Assuming I want to continue, which hopefully I will. Should I be hopeful about that? Another thing to hunt down and spend money on. Hmm.


SallyP said...

Yeah, Hawkeye isn't listed and neither is Loki, which pains me. I can't say that I am in the tiniest bit interested in the latest September "event" for DC.

CalvinPitt said...

That's too bad about Loki, though I guess it means no cheap fill-in issue. That's kind of what they did with these last two issues of Superior Foes, and they kind of stunk.

I'm surprised you weren't at least a little excited that Booster Gold is getting one of those Future's End issues all to himself, but otherwise, I'm right there with ya.

SallyP said...

Well...Booster Gold is about the only one that I plan to read. And apparently, they are putting both Loki and Thor on hiatus for a month or so,while they do a cross-over with Angela of all people.

CalvinPitt said...

Wait, what? Angela? Ugh, it isn't going to devolve into some theological debate is it? Geez. Still can't believe they though transplanting her into the Marvel Universe was a good idea.

SallyP said...

Noooo...they are turning her into Loki and Thor's long-lost half sister.

I kid you not.