Monday, June 30, 2014

Take A Stroll Through The September Solicits

I'm sure it will shock you to learn Hawkeye was not listed in the solicits. Can it be considered an ongoing if it never comes out?

Beyond that, at Marvel, I don't know what's going on. I'm not sure if Avengers Undercover is ending, or just starting it's last arc. I'd kind of expect it to last one more month, ship twice, and reach 12 issues. Makes for two trades. But who knows. On the other side of things, Superior Foes of Spider-Man claims it isn't ending with #15. So I don't know if it got a last-second reprieve, the cancellation was a load of bull, or the solicit is lying to us. It is a villain book, they could be lying.

In less confusing news, Deadpool's safely out of the land of Original Sin tie-ins. Daredevil, too. Thank goodness. That first Deadpool tie-in was not promising.

Outside Marvel, I'm giving DC a wide berth. I don't care about Future's End, I don't care about 3-D covers, nothing there for me. Just the way DC intended, no doubt. Ah well, the money will go elsewhere. Not just to Atomic Robo, which will allegedly be wrapping up Knights of the Golden Circle, though I note issue 2 did not ship in June as it was solicited. That's hardly new. Red 5 really needs to find a new printer or something, their guy is always screwing them over and causing delays.

The only bit of new business is I decided to try that new series Roche's Limit from Image. I guess I'm a sucker for comics titles after astronomy terminology.  I'm not entirely sure about a series set in the future where mankind's attempt to establish new settlements in space has turned out poorly. Sounds a bit like an excuse to do a gritty crime story in space, but we'll give it whirl. Sounds like it'll run in 5-issue installments, so if it doesn't end up working, I should have a pretty easy opportunity to bail out.


Ms. P said...

I'm getting a bit irked about the lack of Hawkeye, that's for sure. And I am also avoiding the newest DC future crapfest.

Not a bad idea at all to try new things.

I'm posting on my daughter's computer while I babysit, but it's really sallyp

CalvinPitt said...

My hope for Hawkeye at this point is that they're waiting until Aja can get all the issues he's supposed to draw done, then they'll release all the issues at once, rather than one every few months.