Thursday, December 10, 2015

This Will Be Of No Interest To Anyone Else

You might have heard there's a new Star Wars film about to come out. I know, I was surprised, too. I'm not what you'd call a big fan - much like the Bond franchise, my favorite thing to come out of Star Wars is probably a video game - but I've been mildly curious because John Boyega's in it. I really liked Attack the Block, and so I've had that movie in mind a lot recently. In it, there's two little kids who keep trying to tag along, who want to be called "Probs" and "Mayhem". At one point, they're on a walkway, watching one of the aliens that has Jerome, one of the members of the group Boyega leads, trapped in a garbage can.
Their plan is to throw a bottle full of gas at it, then shoot fireworks at it, but one of the boys has questions. What if it comes after them? They'll shoot the bangers at it. What if they miss? They'll run. What if it catches them? At that point, the other boy turns to him and responds, 'No one is going to call you Mayhem if you keep acting like such a pussy!' So John Wick wound up being the perfect movie to watch when that film is on the mind.

Dean Winters plays Avi in John Wick, Viggo's right hand man. Winters has been in a lot of stuff - he's been on that show Brooklyn Nine-Nine this year, which I hear good things about - but I know him mostly from those insurance commercials. The ones where he's pretending to be a Christmas tree, or a poorly secured barbecue grill, and advises you to get insurance to protect yourself from 'mayhem, like him.'

Except Avi is kind of a weenie. He's more of the bookkeeping right hand man, as opposed to the neck breaking type*. At the very end of the movie, as John is trying to kill the last few guys with a car, Avi is in an SUV, panicking, asking someone to please give him a gun. This is in contrast to Viggo, who is high as a kite and doesn't care about anything at all (having accepted the inevitability John is going to kill everyone). The whole thing basically catapulted that line to the front of my mind, which was nice.

* He also doesn't know Russian, despite working for a Russian mob boss who routinely lapses into the language. Those language programs aren't that expensive.

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