Monday, November 28, 2016

February Could Be An Interesting Month

Lots to discuss in the solicits for February. On the DC side, Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love will be wrapping up. I may still be buying Blue Beetle, or maybe not. There's another title I've just recently decided to add - you'll find out which one on Wednesday - I may or may not still be buying then as well. And then there's the new Justice League of America book, which is going to involve the Ray. I'm not sure what to expect from the book. I know several people enjoyed Steve Orlando's Midnighter series, but solo titles and team books aren't the same. Also, while making a cast of second-stringers seems reminiscent of the Giffen/DeMatteis Justice League, describing them as the most rough-and-tumble League, and that they're assembled by Batman, just screams "Outsiders", doesn't it? I'd be more likely to try it if they weren't going to start off with a battle with the Extremists.

With Marvel, Monsters Unleashed continues, and Marvel has, in their usual idiocy, to have Greg Land draw one of the issues. The one possible saving grace is that Land presumably can't trace the monsters from porn stars or pro wrestlers, and when he actually has to draw, he's not terrible. Inhumans vs. X-Men continues, and I sure hope they do a better job with it than they did with Death of X. Going by what I've seen and read, that was a complete trash fire. They actually made me find Cyclops sympathetic, the incompetent bastards. Marvel's also going to try giving Elektra another ongoing, 'cause why not, as well as Kingpin and friggin' Black Bolt. I keep waiting for Marvel to give up on the Inhumans, but they will not do it. Just keep throwin' away paper and creative talent on that dead end.

On to things I will actually waste money on, Deadpool is back to double-shipping, and it looks a though Scott Hepburn will be the artist, for at least this next arc. I haven't seen his work since he did an issue of DeConnick's first Captain Marvel volume, but I liked it all right then. Squirrel Girl is getting herself a Flying Squirrel Suit, which I am reasonably excited for. I don't understand why the solicit for Nova only mentions Richard Rider being alive again, like that wasn't already established two issues ago (or several months ago in the previous volume). Gwenpool is going up against Arcade, which is making me consider picking that book up. Well, I was already starting to do that, but it's made me consider it more.

Outside of those two publishers, Boom! is going to publish a Steven Universe ongoing. I've been meaning to post about that, as it's one of the only two things I watch reliably on TV anymore (the other being the NBA), and maybe I will soon. I was going to that Thursday after the election, but well, Trump. Adam Warren is releasing another Empowered one-shot, which I will probably buy. And there's the Wynonna Earp: Sisters mini-series, which I'd swear IDW hasn't been reliably releasing solicits for, and will be concluding in February. I don't know if I'll buy that or not. No sign of Darkwing Duck in the Joe Books solicits, although I don't think issue 5 was listed, either, and it showed up.

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