Monday, January 30, 2017

So Much Indecision Over The April Solicits

With April's solicitations, I'm finding a lot of books where I can't decide if I want to get them or not. I feel like usually it's a more straightforward "yes" or "no". With DC, the question of Justice League of America is still hanging there. Problem being, the book is going from a storyarc where they fight the Extremists, to a maybe one-off issue that focuses on Lobo. I'm starting to think my earlier description of it as Batman and the Outsiders was off, and it's really more Justice League Extreme. Which is not an improvement. At least there's still Cave Carson and his cybernetic eye.

Elsewhere, there's going to be an Atomic Robo Real Science Adventures mini-series. I tried one of these back when it was still being published through Red 5, and felt let down by the structure. Having 4 stories each issue, mostly broken into 4 or 5 page segments, just didn't work. The stories didn't build momentum. This time it looks as though it'll only be two stories, so maybe at 10 pages a pop it'll work better. Assuming that's how it'll be set up.

There's also a Street Angel After School Kung Fu Special hardcover being released. I enjoyed the Street Angel collection I bought last spring a lot, and I think this is all new material, so I'll almost certainly pick this up at some point. But maybe not immediately.

There's also the continuing Empowered mini-series, the Steven Universe ongoing, and Copperhead, but those are all almost certain purchases. I've been thinking about buying Giant Days, but feel like I should get the earlier trades first, so I'm caught up. Knowing my luck, if I do, the book will go on a hiatus for a year+ like Copperhead did.

And then there's Marvel. The issue with Marvel is less about books I'm debating whether to pick up, as it is books I'm debating dropping. I'm pretty sure I'm going to skip Deadpool for the entirety of this crossover that deals with Shiklah going to war against the surface world, but I'm not sure if I'll come back after. I came back after Axis, and I don't think that was a bad idea, but I'm less sure about the book lately. The pacing is pissing me off. I'm not sure if I'll still be buying Nova, or Great Lakes Avengers. With both books, I can see the potential for them to do something that I'll end up enjoying a lot. Finish reading the series and say, I liked what they did there. I'm just not sure the probability of that is real high.

Am I going to buy Gwenpool or not (I guess we'll find out this week, since this is when I was going to start). Along those lines, it appears they are giving Iron Fist another ongoing (rather than a one-shot), so am I going to buy that or not? Am I going to pick up this new Ben Reilly series? Peter David usually does OK for me for awhile, and Bagley's on art (although, Jesus, that new costume. Well, costume design has never been what I'd call a strong point for Bagley). Maybe I should swap out the three books from the previous paragraph for these three and call it a day. Hmmm.

It's not all confusion and uncertainty. Unbeatable Squirrel Girl is still here, and Patsy Walker aka Hellcat is still not canceled. Hooray! The solicitation for Ms. Marvel did ruin the mystery behind the villain in the current arc. Of all the times for Marvel's solicit writer to not just use that stupid [CLASSIFIED] thing they're so fond of. Monsters Unleashed ended, only for Marvel to immediately start an ongoing based on it, and a yet another event, with Secret Empire. Marvel, would you give things a chance to breathe, for maybe five minutes?

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