Friday, January 27, 2017

What i Bought 1/25/2017

I really didn't expect to do Wednesday's post until I sat down, and found I couldn't focus on any of the other possible ideas. I had to get it out there and out of my system. Well, that's what I originally started the blog for, albeit for less serious topics.

Only one book at this point. Maybe I'll have some others before next week's releases, who knows.

Deadpool #25, by Gerry Duggan (writer), Scott Koblish (artist), Nick Filardi (colorist), Joe Sabino (letterer) - Wade, don't have your daughters fight with pitchforks for your love. They'll probably both stab you, instead.

Wade sent Ellie to where he thought he buried Shiklah, but she finds Doc Samson instead. So big fight, a monster is unleashed, The Old As Hell Iron Fist is temporarily eaten, Ellie appears to be killed by Warda, but her mutant power makes that a futile effort, and Preston agrees to take up residence in Warda's mind and play conscience to her. Which sounds annoying as hell, frankly. If a person were the contrary sort, they might actively try to be worse to spite the new tenant in their skull. But hell, I shouldn't expect good plans from a senile Deadpool.

There's also a lot of reference to the battles Wade and Shiklah will be having in future issues, but are in the past in 2099, and to what will probably be the ultimate end for HYDRA Cap, and some other stuff that we haven't seen yet. I was honestly pretty unmoved by all of it. Little curious about Wade and Iron Fist being pals, but Danny always has been a bit of a chump. The reveal of where Shiklah actually is did work, though. It was kind of sweet.

Related to that reveal, I would expect Wade's innards to look worse. The healing factor in constant battle with the cancer and all. Wade having no pupils even when not wearing the mask is a little strange. Maybe's he's actually blind. Daredevil's probably laughing if he is, or Wade thinks Daredevil is laughing. And I feel like there's a sequence near the end of all the fighting that got confused. Wade makes a crack about planning to have Ellie as Warda's babysitter. In the next panel to the right, he finishes by saying that now he's going need Warda to babysit Ellie instead, and says this while his nose is bleeding, which is wasn't doing two panels previously. But in the panel below the first one, Warda knees him in the face while saying his jokes weren't funny, and wondering what Shiklah saw in him (Wade's response is that he was good at cunnilingus). The panel to the right of that, she calls him a gross old man and punches him.

Based on dialogue, I think it's supposed to go left-right, diagonally down to the left, then right. Based on the art, I think it'd from top to bottom, the diagonally up to the right, then down. I'm not sure which one is correct. The fact either could work theoretically is either smooth work, or a mess. You decide.

I did like that Warda's mask and suit are made of the malleable hexagonal pieces, and as the battle continues, they start to become distinct and fall apart. She's not sure she can actually kill innocent people, but killing her father doesn't seem to get what she wants. And she can't kill her half-sister, and she can't get back her mother, and being Deadpool isn't getting her anywhere.

Overall, not a bad story in theory. The execution was uneven, but it had some good parts.

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