Monday, July 24, 2017

Writers Can't Always Hit The Mark

There are certain combinations of writers and characters that make me wince. I'm thinking of situations where the writer just misses the point of the character, different from simply not wanting to see yet another Thanos story written by Jim Starlin. It's subjective, but sometimes you just want a writer to leave a character alone.

My primary example is typically Adam Beechen and Cassandra Cain. I know Beechen got a raw hand with editorial dictates, but even when DC had him write a mini-series to fix all the damage they had him inflict, with the crazy, and the murder, and the mind-warping drugs, it was still a mess. He's written other things I enjoyed - his work on Batman Beyond with Norm Breyfogle for example - but with Cass, he just seems to miss the point.

The other would be Bendis and Clint Barton. It's curious to me that Bendis put Wolverine on the Avengers, in-story because 'he can do what we can't' in Stark's words, and then consistently has one of the Avengers historically most staunchly opposed to killing, keep killing people. Or trying to, at least.

I've known a few people who would pick Geoff Johns and Wonder Woman. I recall a lot of grumbling in the comic store about how he handled her in Infinite Crisis. Or maybe Bendis and Dr. Doom, although I've mostly avoided that, so I might actually say Mark Waid and Doom. Waid doesn't seem to have any time for Doom's air of nobility or honor, or any of those flashes of the guy who possibly be a great force for good if he could only get over his own hang-ups. Which works I guess, but it leaves out a lot of what I find interesting about Doom.

Those are a few of mine, share a few of yours in the comments. It's good to vent.


Kelvin Green said...

I would say Bendis and any character. Ditto Johns.

SallyP said...

Hehe. I was thinking the same thing about Bends. All of his characters sound completely the same. You can't tell who is speaking if you just read the dialogue... Wolverine sounds exactly like Spider-Man, which is ridiculous.

I thought Geoff Johns does very well with Green Lanterns, but not so well with non green characters.

CalvinPitt said...

Kelvin: I considered just blanket labeling Bendis, but I didn't want to take the fun away from everyone else.

Sally: As for Johns, I figured he probably writes a good Hawkman, but we'd have to find someone who cares about Hawkman to ask them if that's true or not. That's more of a challenge than I'm prepared to make.