Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Little Bit About Heroclix

We're three-quarters of the way through September, which means it's the little post I do about the DC characters I'm still waiting to see made into Heroclix. I don't play much these days - there aren't any venues within two hours of the boonies, and not a lot of people interested enough for me to teach them - but I try to keep up. I've been considering running some games and talking about them here. I'd try to spice it up, make it a story of some grand conflict to keep from boring you all. Making up stories and dialogue to go with the matches is half the fun for me, anyway.

Of course, they keep adding new elements to the game, so I'm probably hopelessly out of date. They added 4 new powers to the game last year, which unlike most of the newer mechanics, appear to be sticking around. Those Team Bases I complained about last year seem to have fallen off a lot in frequency lately. Maybe because they covered all the iconic teams already: the JLA, the Titans, various X-Men squads, Gen13. Well, I guess they're iconic, they got a team base.

There weren't too many DC sets in the last year. There was one based on the '60s Batman show this time last year, a set based on the Batman: Arkham Origins game last winter, a Legion of Superheroes set in February, and they did some thing based of the War of Light story over the summer. So none of that did much for me. A quick recap of the Top 5 characters I was looking for:

1. Sand
2. Terra (Atlee, Power Girl's friend)
3. Enemy Ace
4. Unknown Soldier
5. Grace

It will not surprise you to learn none of those characters got made, though you can never tell what they'll randomly fit into a set. They put a new Riddler figure in that Legion set. No, I don't understand it, either. Eh, most of them are longshots, anyway, though I keep hoping they'll do a JSA set at some point. Right now, the only upcoming set I know about is a Flash set, but maybe they'll do a JSA sub-theme. They did a Fourth World one in that Legion set, so it could happen. That's probably the best I can hope for, in all likelihood.

On the upside, we did get a new Mister Miracle, and a Stargirl figure. Haven't had either of those in several years. And the upcoming Flash set will probably bring new versions of some of the Rogues. We haven't had a Captain Cold since I started getting into the game.

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