Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What I Bought 9/5/2014 - Part 2

Think I got heat exhaustion yesterday, or close to it. That really sucked. Continuing the reviews, looking in on Carol Danvers and her biggest fan.

Captain Marvel #6, by Kelly Sue DeConnick (writer), David Lopez (art), Lee Loughridge (color art), Joe Caramagna (letterer) - That cover really suggests Carol has a space armada on her side, rather than she is fighting a space armada, doesn't it? Unless Lopez is taking advantage of the lack of sound in space to suggest the armada is sneaking up on Carol. Picture J'son of Spartax muttering, 'Be vewy, vewy quiet, we're hunting Avengers, hahahahah.'

Carol draws her line in the sand, J'son promptly sends his pirate fleet across it. Why not? He's not with it, so he's not in any danger. Carol's doing her best, but there are too many for her to hold them off indefinitely. But Bee has found the Vibranium mine, and Eleanides sends up the two functional space fighters Torfa has to hold the Spartax, while Carol dives into the mine and buries all the precious, precious Vibranium way down deep. Which pisses off J'son, but since Tic has led an uprising of her own and seized control of one of the ships, she's able to broadcast his vow of annihilation across the galaxy. Whoops.

I don't know if this is how J'son's been portrayed since he popped up, but damn he makes a good villain. All arrogant self-justification, while being sure to stay safely out of range of any blowback. All least Tony Stark got out there and let people punch him in the face. So we'll see if J'son becomes Carol's recurring nemesis in this series. Carol describes herself as not being a genius or much of a diplomat (though I thought she did quite well making a connection with the people of Torfa), so put her up against a ruler who hides behind an entire army and see how it stretches her.

David Lopez draws an outstanding evil grin. I said that last fall during the Battle of the Atom crossover, and I reiterate it now. J'son's envoy or whoever she was had an incredibly wicked smile on her face as she told Eleanides that no one would know or care if everyone on the planet was wiped out. Some of it was what she was saying, sure, but she wasn't saying it quietly, or with a sadness that suggests she disapproves of her lord's decision. No, she was on board with it and giddy to deliver the sentence of execution. So Carol needs to pause to punch her in the face before starting on J'son. Face punches for all Spartax! Yes, including Star-Lord. I'm sure he's done something to deserve it (and is probably used to it anyway).

Ms. Marvel #7, by G. Willow Wilson (writer), Jacob Wyatt (art), Ian Herring (color art), Joe Caramagna (letterer) - Looks like 90% of the pictures I take with Alex. I'd be Wolverine in those situations.

Kamala keeps Wolverine from being eaten by a giant alligator, and tries to deal with the idea that helping people is going to require someone getting hurt. They continue through the sewers, only to have the Inventor try the old "crush you with moving walls" stunt. Figures a bird cloned from a 19th century inventor would go old-school. As it turns out, the Inventor was using Logan's runaway student as the power source for all this, and there are other kids being held, somewhere. Kamala says she'll track them down, and Logan, oddly enough, agrees. You would think with kids' lives at stake, he wouldn't be willing to wait while a rookie superhero pieces things together solo. But he does, though he at least clues in Captain America, and since they realized Kamala gained her powers from the Terrigen Bomb, Cap passes the info along to Medusa.

Here's my question, why didn't Logan explain the truth behind Kamala's powers to her? Would that have been such a big deal, compared to her thinking she's a mutant? I feel like this is going to lead to problems down the road, likely when Medusa or some other Inhuman tries to get Kamala to follow their orders, and it could mostly have been avoided if Logan was just upfront with her. Or maybe I'm paranoid.

That concern (which may come to nothing) aside, I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Kamala trying to impress Logan, learn from him, and eventually protect him when she learns he's minus his healing factor. And the fact Logan goes along with most of it, because he knows his limitations these days, but he's still not entirely happy about those limitations. Having to ride piggyback on Kamala can't have been the most distinguished moment of his career.

I still don't think Wyatt has Wolverine right, but I also still think some that is Logan's current costume. But the proportions of his limbs and such seem kind of wonky, and how barrel-shaped his torso is seems to shift a lot. Sometimes he seems pretty skinny, others pretty chunky. But this is Kamala's book, and Wyatt draws her very well, especially when he gets to exaggerate expressions for her. The look when Logan climbs on her back. It's very cartoonish, but it works, fits the tone of the book well.


SallyP said...

Ms Marvel has been nothing but a delight.

CalvinPitt said...

Total agreement. I wouldn't have expected I could still enjoy a Wolverine guest appearance at this point, but here we are.