Friday, September 26, 2014

The Pull List Territory Shifts Quietly To End The Year

December's going to be a quiet month for me in terms of new comics. The bad news is Ms. Marvel's taking a skip month. Combined with all the titles that are ending this fall, and my skipping Deadpool for Axis (which I'm starting to think was a bad decision), I'm going to be down to 5 Marvel comics that month. And unless something drastic changes my mind, that's also going to mark the end of the line for me and Rocket Raccoon. A major personality shift in Rocket that involved fewer murders wouldn't be a bad first step.

The good news is, Secret Six is starting back up again. Admittedly, I am somewhat unsure about Ken Lashley's art. I haven't seen it in anything recently, so I'm mostly going a) off those covers he did for the DnA Guardians of the Galaxy run, and b) his stint on Excalibur when Warren Ellis was writing it, which was over 15 years ago. I'm also curious as to whether Deadshot will be in it. He's in the current Suicide Squad book, and I'm not sure whether Harley and Deathstroke will have shared their ability to be in more than one book at a time with him. I'll worry about that when the time comes, I suppose.

It does bring DC up to 3 monthly titles again, for the first time since spring of last year, and just as Marvel's in decline again. If you figure Deadpool will eventually be back on the pull, but Rocket won't, that puts Marvel at just 6 titles. But Captain Marvel, Nightcrawler, and She-Hulk aren't exactly selling like gangbusters, so I have to wonder how long they'll last, though a better question might be how long the creative teams intend to stick around, since their departure would undoubtedly signal the end of the book. Also, the first two of that trio are hardly unqualified successes with me. They're both missing. . . something, that's keeping them from clicking entirely, but I can't quite figure out what.


SallyP said...

I really hope that they don't cancel She-Hulk, it is one of the more unusual books out there, and I enjoy it thoroughly.

I have something of the same problem with Nightcrawler. I want to like it so much...but it's just not clicking for me.

CalvinPitt said...

I'm hoping She-Hulk will stick for as long as Soule and Pulido want it to, and Marvel does seem occasionally willing to let lower selling books run their course, so it might happen.

I think with Nightcrawler, I want more high adventure, less moping. I get the recent events would leave Kurt introspective, but it's not necessarily what I want to see. Heck, send Kurt on a mission to find his way back to Amanda or something, but get him active and moving.