Thursday, January 01, 2015

Tell The Dawn Of The New Year To Get Back Below The Horizon

It's 2015. Welcome, to the World of Tomorrow! Where's my hoverboard, robots are preparing to kill us all, yadda yadda. I spent New Year's Eve watching The Twilight Zone and The Three Stooges.

It's encouraging to me having seen so many of the Stooges shorts, I can still laugh at them, they haven't gotten old. Although I did see Moe do the double eye poke on Curly through the telephone last night. Not that his fingers actually emerged through the phone, just the force of it traveled through. Either way, I don't remember ever seeing that before.

There was one I had seen before, where the Stooges try to pass Curly off as crazy (by having him behave like a dog) as part of an insurance scam, only to get him scheduled for a lobotomy. Which leads to Larry and Moe trying to rescue him while being pursued by a determined cop. The chase involves the old gag about an orderly constantly emerging into the hallway with a tray, only to be knocked down. What I noticed this time was how much that guy sold it. He didn't just fall down, oops I got bumped. He'd go flying face first to the ground, maybe throw a forward roll in there. Splay the limbs out, fall flat on his ass. I was seriously impressed.

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