Friday, January 09, 2015

The First Deadly Sin - Lawrence Sanders

First dud of the year. I gave up 45 pages in. My dad's books can't all be winners. The main character was recently divorced and seemed to be going through a reinvention or rediscovery of himself. Based on the back of the book, I expect he'll become a serial killer. On the other hand, he'd just met a woman who was kind of odd that he found bewitching. Maybe she was going to be a serial killer. I don't know.

The things Sanders seemed interested in - how people think about sex, or what they want out of it, or it's meaning - wasn't of interest to me. I was still waiting for some reason to care about anyone, which would have been aided by something happening. Sanders was still in the stage of trying to describe Daniel Blank's life, though, his steady attempt to seize more power at the magazine publishing company he worked at, so that wasn't really happening.

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