Thursday, September 24, 2015

It's Unlikely Any Of These Characters Will Get Made Soon

I still don't play Heroclix a lot, because, as usual, there haven't been many opportunities, but I try to keep a toe in the water. Keep up on what sets are coming out, rule changes. There are a lot of rule changes. Almost every year they add some new mechanic or item to the game. Though whatever it is usually only get played up for about a year, then it drops off the map. It's also usually very expensive, so I tend to give them a pass. Stick with the basic figures; I'm not planning on or expecting to win the World Championship. Though if I did, I would absolutely make NECA release a Stacy X Heroclix (the champion each year gets to choose a character and help design the dial for them. One year it was Mr. Sinister, another year it was Stargirl, one year it was a Nightcrawler that is apparently way overpowered).

Anyway, there were only two DC sets this year. A Flash set came out early this year, and they did one on Trinity War (remember that, the thing that lead into Forever Evil?) in the spring. The Flash set was good for producing a lot of new versions of the Rogues. Captain Cold hadn't had a new figure in almost a decade. Ditto a lot of the others. Trinity War didn't do much for me, but it's heavily slanted towards New 52 versions of the characters. Which makes sense, but limits my interest. I do think there was a new Vic Sage Question with two point values, and the lower one was closer to the street level guy most of us think of. The higher point value was for whatever the current version is, the guy who can't remember who is or whatever. There's supposed to be a Superman/Wonder Woman set this fall, and I think a Superman/Batman sometime after that. So, let's look at the Top 5 figures I wanted that haven't been made:

1. Sand
2. Atlee
3. Enemy Ace
4. Unknown Soldier
5. Grace

0-for-5. Well, not a big surprise there. The Justice Society isn't really a big thing with DC these days, and neither are most of their war characters. I keep thinking they'll make Atlee, if only because I'm sure there's a subset of people who'd like to play her alongside Power Girl (although PG hasn't had a new figure in a few years). Maybe in one of these Superman sets. There's not much else to say here. I'll look at the Marvel sets next month, that'll be more involved. There'll even be some good news!


SallyP said...

I don't have a clue about Heroclix...I just like the figures. But those are some really pretty fabulous characters that haven't been made. Who WOULDN'T want a Sand?

CalvinPitt said...

A few years ago, NECA did a fan vote for a DC character to be clixed, and Sand lasted through a couple of eliminations, but didn't make it in the end (I can't remember who did, maybe Barda).

What's odd is, NECA went ahead and clixed several of the other figures subsequently, including ones who did worse than Sand. Like Thorn, she popped up in the Flash set of all places. But still no Sanderson Hawkins. I don't get the thought process at all.