Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Killing Someone Thrice Is Overdoing It

One last movie from my visit to Alex', Kill Me Three Times. I'd seen it in stores, it had Simon Pegg playing a contract killer, sounded slightly farcical, what the heck, why not.

It's one of those movies where almost all the characters are at least a little crooked, and their schemes intersect, tangle, and trip each other up. so it becomes this long string of double-crosses (intentional and otherwise) and misfortunes. Besides Pegg's character Charlie Wolfe, there's an abusive drunk husband who suspects his wife is cheating on him. There's Alice (Alice Brega), who is cheating on Jack, and Dylan (Luke Hemsworth, how many of these Hemsworths are there?), who she's cheating with. There's Jack's sister Lucy, and her dimbulb dentist boyfriend Nathan. And there's Bruce, who is the local cop, but crooked as a winding river, and the brother of a bookie Nathan's in deep with.

The end result is, I'm not sure who to root for. I suppose it's Alice and Dylan, but you know how I feel about people who cheat, so I can't commit. I know I wasn't supposed to, but I threw in with Charlie. Just kill them all, take the money, and go. The movie really plays up the idea that, contrary to what the audience might like to think of ourselves, your average person in not good at killing someone in cold blood. Most of the characters have to be grief-stricken or enraged, and even afterward, they're shocked by the reality of it. When someone tries to plan it out, it still isn't as easy as they expect it to be. That seemed realistic to me. Just watching movies where people get killed doesn't make one an expert at killing.

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