Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Year's End May Bring The Gift Of Titles I Want

Secret Wars may finally end in December. Maybe. I hope Hickman can actually manage to wrap the damn thing up by then, though I may be giving him more credit for understanding the concept of "pacing" than he deserves.

Marvel's still rolling out new series, and I'm even going to buy one, because I will absolutely try the new Hellcat series. I don't watch Broad City, so comparisons to that show are largely lost on me, and I only know Kate Leth's work from those mini-comics she posts on Comics Alliance, but what the hell.

Let's see, beyond that, Fabian Nicieza and Reilly Brown have a 3-issue Deadpool & Cable mini-series coming out that month. It's initially going to be released in digital format in November, but as usual, I await the physical copy. They were the creative for almost the entirety of the time I was buying Cable/Deadpool, so I trust I'll enjoy this. Meanwhile, Marvel is double-shipping Deadpool for the second month in a row. Did Mike Hawthorne spend all the time between the end of the last series and this one just trying to get ahead?

Also, Marvel used the reboot as an excuse to bump Ms. Marvel up a dollar. This surprises exactly none of us.

Stepping outside Marvel, Atomic Robo and the Ring of Fire continues, and IDW is releasing a new Rocketeer mini-series. At 5 bucks an issue. And it involves Cliff serving in World War 2, which makes sense, but I don't know if that's going to lead to the tone for the series I like with the Rocketeer. But there's a decent chance he'll mix it up with some super-science stuff, which would help. That'll be a game-time decision, I suspect. As will the 8th issue of Descender, and possibly the 7th issue of Starfire. With the former, I wonder if I have the patience to deal with Lemire's leisurely pace (plus there's always that concern he's not interested in the things I'm interested in). As for the latter, I'm just not sure it's going to come together into anything more than an OK book.

I was considering buying Prez, because I've heard nothing but good things, but it's not in the December solicits. I may have waited too long. Sorry, Prez fans. Hopefully it's just a skip month! Maybe I should go back to Secret Six.

I was looking at the new Street Fighter Unlimited series, but this runs up against the problem I usually have with Street Fighter comics (and shonen manga as well): There's only a few characters I care about, and they have to share the spotlight with too many I don't care about. Assuming they get any spotlight at all. With Street Fighter, so much of it always seems to come back to Ryu, and man, I just don't care about Ryu. Copperhead isn't back yet, and the third and final Roche Limit mini-series won't have started either (though the trade of the second one is solicited). There is a series called Henchgirl, published by Scout Comics, I keep thinking about. It was originally a webcomic, and I guess now the earliest stuff is being released. It might be worth a shot. I can spare the room, I'm quite sure.


SallyP said...

I am not sure that I believe Secret Wars will ever end. But at least there seem to be some decent books looming on the horizon.

CalvinPitt said...

Of course it will end, Sally. How will they get to the next Big Event if the current doesn't end?