Tuesday, February 02, 2016

April's Holding Steady

April's looking pretty quiet for me. Descender's on another hiatus, though probably not for long judging by the last one. Roche Limit and Wynonna Earp will be halfway through, and Henchgirl's shipping another issue.

DC's attempt to lure me back by releasing 11,000 Harley Quinn books is going to prove ineffective, even when one of them will involve her fighting Deadpool. Sorry, "Redtool". A mercenary who is even crazier, and talks more, than Harley. You know, Joe Kelly already gave us DC's Deadpool, it was Crime Syndicate Earth's Deathstroke. That guy had the added benefit of annoying the crap out of Slade Wilson, who is a guy who needs annoying.

Maybe it's a moot point, if that rumor about another possible reboot has anything to it. Might be something else entirely, maybe it was referring to those Hanna-Barbera cartoon comics they're going to do?

Speaking of Marvel, their Standoff event continues, and much like when Jimmy cracks corn, I don't care. Deadpool' s double shipping, and I'm impressed they held off on that for a whole two months. But he's fighting Sabretooth, and we can always hope Wade kills the guy. It's not like they're really doing anything with Sabretooth now, what with Logan dead and all, so screw it. Wade's owed some payback to Creed for a long time. The Squirrel Girl/Howard crossover moves over into Howard's book this month. Rocket Raccoon and Groot is doing some sort of football parody issue, but it's not being drawn by Andrade, so maybe I'll buy it. Patsy Walker looks to be having her big showdown with Hedy, which she should try to solve with kicking Hedy in the face. She's probably possessed by Daimon Hellstrom anyway, so it's totally appropriate.

I didn't see anything new I really wanted to try, though, which is why I'm calling it a quiet month. Just the same books as the month before, which is fine, as long as they're good.


SallyP said...

It is a little hard to summon up much enthusiasm for DC's latest reboot. Is it me or do they seem to do this every three months or so?

CalvinPitt said...

I think it's running about one per year right now, which is still a lot less often than marvel does big events, for what that's worht.