Monday, February 08, 2016

Sometimes There Are More Important Things Than Catchy Branding

I noticed in Ms. Marvel #3 that the name of the 3-D printer in their lab - courtesy of Tony Stark! - is Beastron. This strikes me as a tremendously bad decision.

I know that "-tron" is a long accepted suffix, frequently applied to various scientific disciplines. Still, in a universe where Ultron is exists, and has killed entire countries (and conquered entire worlds in futures that might never come to be, if Richards was smart enough to make sure Franklin left that out of any of their new universes*), it strikes me as asking for trouble.

Though, really, with a name like Beastron, I'd expect the trouble to be something more demonic. Or Hank McCoy, which given some of his recent stupidity, wouldn't be much different. But I wouldn't mind seeing Dormammu, or maybe even some second-rate demon like Deadpool's one-time nemesis Vetis, possess the thing, and then create a bunch of Mindless Ones. Using the power of technology!, which seems like it could have some interesting side effects. Demons created from man-made components. Would they even register by whatever conventional approaches someone like Dr. Strange would use to detect such activity?

That could be a challenge for Ms. Marvel, a little different mystical problem from Loki's fairly benign crashing of her prom last year.

* I'm gradually coming to realize that literally any shitty thing that exists in the new Marvel Universe can be blamed on Reed Richards not doing a better job on quality control checking his son's work, and this makes me very happy.


SallyP said...

Oh God, Doom was right! It IS all Richard's fault!

CalvinPitt said...

Why didn't we just listen to and follow Dr. Doom?! Besides the whole being a dictator thing.

SallyP said...

Wasn't there a story where he did take over the world and things were actually pretty great? It is fairly old, and darned if I can remember what it was called.