Friday, February 26, 2016

May's Looking Like The Last Quiet Month

May, much like April, looks like more of the same for me on the comics front. Wynnona Earp and Roche Limit will both still be partway through. There aren't any new series starting up at Marvel I'm pumped for.

Oh, but Civil War II will be starting, which means some titles are hinting at tie-in issues. Or maybe they were Avengers: Standoff tie-ins, which is only marginally better, if that. Why does Ms. Marvel want to test me like that?

Image does have Drifter coming back from what I presume was an artist's break. I haven't mentioned that one here before, but I did get the first trade a couple of weeks ago. There's a second volume, which would catch me up to the 11th issue, coming in May, but I haven't decided if I want to get it. The first five issues left me with mixed feelings. Oh well, three months to make up my mind.

Which leaves DC, with their Rebirth announcement. But until they actually announce who is writing and drawing all these books, there's not much to delve into. Even once they do announce the creative teams, we have to wonder if a) those announced will actually be on the books when they hit stands, b) are they going to stick for longer than the first story arc (which is what Marvel tends to do with their more high profile artists who are also slower than hell), and c) can DC avoid the sort of heavy-handed editorial interference that drove some of the talent initially enlisted for the new 52 off their books? Considering at least some of the brain trust behind that relaunch is in charge of this one, I have my doubts. Besides, even if Johns wants to bring back the legacies, there's no particular reason for me to think he's interested in the same characters that I am.

We'll start finding out next month, I guess.


SallyP said...

Heck, I am not even sure when the whole DC re-rebirth is even supposed to start. I can say that I am looking forward to the new Black Widow book by Waid and Samnee...because it is by Waid and Samnee.

CalvinPitt said...

Rebirth kicks off in June, I think. But they're going to roll out the new titles over three, maybe four months, instead of everything all at once like they did with the New 52. Which might avoid an overload, even with all the double-shipping of certain titles.