Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Airing A Grievance About Airing Grievances, It's Madness

I never really enjoy seeing comic creators try to get some payback for past injury in their work. Steve Engelhart creating the character of Clumsy Foulup in his Silver Surfer run to be Tom DeFalco, because he was pissed about editorial interference. That story John Byrne and I think, Len Wein and John Ostrander did where Guy Gardner humiliates some barely disguised Star Brand ripoff who is supposed to be Jim Shooter. Jack Kirby's Funky Flashman would probably qualify, if I'd read those comics.

I know those creators have varying degrees of legit complaints, and hey, it's better than resorting to fisticuffs, but I always find it unpleasant. Partially because it feels like walking into the middle of an argument that doesn't concern me, and one I'm only getting one side of at that. Except in this case, I'm minding my own business and the argument has come crashing through my door, uninvited. Also, it just feels kind of petty, and maybe a little sad. Some people having an awkward slap fight, while the rest of us look on and shake our heads.

I know it's normal to not like all your coworkers, or to think your boss is a moron. I've had mostly good bosses in my life, but even the good ones have moments that make me wonder what the hell they're thinking. And I have related some of those moments to coworkers on other jobs, and they've told me horror stories as well. This isn't much different, except that it's airing it for everyone, not just other people in the business. I don't approach random people on the street who make eye contact with me and regale them with stories of that one lazy coworker I had that one time.

Mostly I guess I don't enjoy it because it isn't what I'm there for. I'm reading the comic to be entertained, maybe also to give me something to think about, and I'm not getting that with most of these. I don't know that spite is the best ingredient for an entertaining story, and the one-sided, often simplistic, "this guy sucks" approach doesn't give much to chew on.

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SallyP said...

It does get a little uncomfortable, doesn't it?