Monday, May 09, 2016

This Makes Me Worry About A Lot Of Things

So judging by the comments on Thursday's post, no, there are no Marvel Events of the recent years that have improved with time. I'm not surprised, but I had figured it was worth checking.

Over the weekend, I happened to be staying somewhere I had TV. Not much TV, and none of it any good, but something. I stumbled across the election ad for some would-be Congressman named Mike Pape. The basic gist was that whether you liked Trump or Ted Cruz, you could like Mike Pape, demonstrated by these voters, one of whom support each of those guys, finding common ground in their support for yet another guy who vows to repeal Obamacare.

I guess because the channel had been showing Saturday Night Live just before this, plus the acting was terrible, and the characters were so happy about how Pape was going to get rid of these things they didn't like, I thought it was supposed to be a bit on SNL. Like, the things Pape was going to do were going to keep getting outlandishly worse - that Futurama joke about Nixon using the poor as a cheap source of enamel to use in cleaning products came to mind - and the two voters would just keep getting more ecstatic over it or something. Which wouldn't have been terribly funny, but that's been par for the course with SNL in my experience. But no, it's an actual ad, for an actual human being running for elected office. Go figure.

I'm not sure whether the fat I've reached the point I can't tell genuine political ads from bad satire is a problem with me, or a problem with where things have gotten to. Probably both at the same time.


Anonymous said...

Nope it's not just you. I have been dumbfounded a couple of times by this phenomenon. The first time, like you, I thought it was some kind of satire, but the second time I knew the sad truth.

SallyP said...

Its just getting beyond ridiculous. I have a co-worker who is a huge Trump fan and he kept going on about how Trump would be so much better than "what we've got"... meaning Obama. I asked him how... and he never did answer.

CalvinPitt said...

Anonymous: That makes me feel a little better. I was worried it was just me losing all sense of perspective.

Sallyp: I was had a conversation with a guy about a park I was working at where we had to shut down some of the trails and campgrounds because they didn't get much use, and it wasn't cost effective, and this fellow assured me that would all be taken care of when Trump was elected. So apparently trump is big on pumping money into our national parks. Go figure.