Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Yes, I Did Buy Deadpool On DVD When It Came Out

I've been wanting to see it again since roughly five minutes after I finished watching it the first time, so that was inevitable. It still holds up as an enjoyable, funny movie, which was good.

Still, the first time I reviewed it, I felt the villains were kind of flat. We didn't get too much about them, their backstories, what made them tick. A little for Francis, in his comments about the euphemisms he used to use when describing the procedures to his test subjects. But nothing for Angel Dust, Gina Carano's character. Not even anything about why she chews on those matches. I don't need a huge elaborate backstory, just a little something as a minor revealing character trait to flesh her out.

Chewing it over, the best in-story explanation I can come up with is, this is Deadpool's story. Not just that it's about him, but he's the one telling it to us as we go along. Now that doesn't stop us from seeing scenes he wasn't present for, like our first views of the X-Mansion, or the specifics of that arms deal Francis was coming back from when Wade dropped in. But those are at least sort of relevant to Wade's story. He's after Francis specifically, and the X-Men are going to mess things up for him. But Francis and Angel's motivations?

Those are irrelevant to Deadpool. He doesn't care if they had crappy childhoods, or whatever. He and Vanessa had lousy childhoods, they (mostly) don't go around ruining people's lives. He's not out to understand their reasons, to stop them and then help them. He wants revenge. They messed his life up, and he wants to mess them up because of it. It's a very personal, focused goal, rather than any larger concern about Francis experimenting on people and selling them. Sure, killing Francis will at least put some sort of dent in that, as has Wade running around wrecking Francis' network trying to find him, but it's a side effect. Deadpool keeps reiterating that he's no hero, and at least in terms of motivations, that's definitely true. We'll see if, assuming there is a sequel, he does better in his next encounter with one of those four or five moments Colossus was droning on about.

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