Monday, September 19, 2016

Impromptu Convention Report

I had a chance to go to a comic convention over the weekend, Dodeca-Con. Smaller than I expected, smaller than any convention I've been to since the first Cape-Con back in '06.

Not many people selling comics. One guy had several longboxes, but most of them were full of duplicates of the same issues over and over. Quite why he thought he needed nearly two longboxes worth of Punisher 2099 I have no idea. I did find one guy who had most of the Len Kaminski written Creeper series, figured that was worth a whirl at 2 for a dollar.

Picked up a few prints, although the Ninja Turtle one I got from Breaker Joe is probably going to Alex. I got a Sgt. Rock sketch from Rob Harris, since Harris' style seemed like a good match for the character. So the DC Favorites collection continues slowly. I should have bought a few of the comics people were making, but I just didn't quite get to it.


SallyP said...

he could have been giving those Punishers away for free and still had a full box.

CalvinPitt said...

Hee hee. Yeah, no doubt. I don't think he was making a lot of sales out of those long boxes, unless someone who was more into early '90s Marvel than me came along in the late afternoon.