Monday, September 26, 2016

Marvel's Trying To Keep Me Warm With Anger Through WInter

Let's look at the solicitations for December. Over at DC, the Deadman mini-series is back, and they say it's bimonthly, so that explains the absence of it in November. Blue Beetle's solicit says Ted Kord's getting an unexpected visitor, so cross your fingers for Booster Gold, although since this Ted doesn't seem to have any history of costumed derring-do, they may not know each other.

There's also going to be a Justice League versus Suicide Squad story in one of those two books, which doesn't seem like it should be much of a contest. If they're fighting each other, the Squad should get trounced. If Waller is using political maneuvering to protect the Squad, then what is the League going to do? Tell the government to go piss up a rope and attack their facilities? But perhaps it'll play out better than I expect, someone can tell me how it goes.

Atomic Robo Temple of Od is wrapping up in December, and Darkwing Duck #8 is scheduled to come out. That latter is a little odd, since I was sure I didn't see #7 in last month's solicits. There's also a new Locke & Key book coming out that month, I'll probably check that out.

And then there's Marvel. You may have heard Civil War II has been delayed, and so it won't be finishing up December, by which point Inhumans vs. X-Men will be into its second month. Brilliant work. This is the second event in a row Marvel can't pace properly to finish in the originally allotted number of issues, and which was delayed. I'd start to question whether they're doing this on purpose, as some bait-n-switch to get more sales, but I don't want to credit them as having that much foresight.

She-Hulk is getting a new series, where she now can transform into an unstoppable rage machine, jsut like her cousin did. Oh joy. Not sure why taking the character that had transformed, but was largely in control and enjoyed it, and going this direction was a great idea. Kate Bishop is getting her own series, and of course the solicit bags on Clint Barton, so I'm definitely not buying that comic. Slapstick is getting his own series, which I can't imagine is going to last more than 5 minutes, but the same is true of Solo and Foolkiller, so whatever.

They're also giving Rocket Raccoon a new ongoing, as well as Star-Lord, and Gamora, but the whole team is stuck on Earth because of Civil War II and general writer stupidity. Like, Rocket complains there are no spacecraft on earth capable of interstellar travel and that is total crap. The Fantastic Four had them for years, and Ben Grimm was literally just on a team with Rocket. You telling me Ben can't drop by Parker Industries and grab a ship for his friends? Hell just steal one. Deadpool had the old Fantasticar, security can't be anything special. Shit, go talk to Dr. Doom. He's a good guy now, he can probably build an intergalactic travel capable ship in an afternoon. Out of a box of scraps.

Marvel's teasing the return of a Nova, and the obvious conclusion would be that it's Richard Rider. This is a return I would be in favor of. But I'm not sure it is Rich, because they're trying to be so coy about it. Something about the way they question how it will impact Sam Alexander makes me wonder if he's finally going to find his father.

As far as the books I'm buying, Great Lakes Avengers promises an actual fight, Deadpool is continuing to battle with Madcap, and Patsy Walker, aka Hellcat is still not canceled. Hooray! Unbeatable Squirrel Girl is going to do an issue devoted to Nancy's cat, Mew. They said Marvel should have known this would happen after they let Fraction/Aja do the Pizza Dog issue, which was the thought I had as I was reading the solicit. I didn't see Ms. Marvel listed anywhere, so I don't know if that was an error, or if they're going to reboot the book again for some new, disaffected youth status quo.

X-Men '92 is ending, and I'm going to wait and see if the restart it as X-Men '93 next year.


SallyP said...

I am so looking forward to the cat issue in Squirrel Girl. I am hoping for either Booster or Guy to show in Blue Beetle. Guy and Jaime fighting evil penguins is one of my most cherished comic book memories.

Man, just like the first one, Civil War II is just dragging on forever! Fortunately, I have managed to try and avoid it as much as possible, but still... Bruce killed by Clint, She Hulk in a coma, and Bruno from Ms Marvel hurt... it's just too depressing and frankly, pointless.

Kelvin Green said...

They made She-Hulk a monster -- triggered by fear rather than rage, but the end result was the same -- in Geoff Johns' Avengers run. It didn't work there either.

CalvinPitt said...

Sally: I'd be OK with Guy showing up to visit Ted. he should probably see about getting his pants back from Sinestro first, though.

Kelvin: That's right, I remember that story. Yeah, it wasn't a high point of Johns' stint on the book.

SallyP said...

Guy doesn't NEED pants!