Friday, December 30, 2016

A Mixed Bag For March

So what is March bringing us? The most noticeable new thing for me is the return of Jay Faerber's Copperhead, published by Image. Sci-fi Western kind of thing. I grabbed the two trades back in 2015 to get caught up, then was left standing there like a dope when the book never resumed publishing. But here it is! With a new artist. Not sure if something happened with Scott Godlewski, and that's why there was such a long delay or what. Beyond that, there's the continuing Steven Universe ongoing and the Empowered story is a mini-series, rather than a one-shot. That's OK by me. And there's still no sign of any new Darkwing Duck comics, so I'm starting to suspect it was canceled. Hopefully I'm wrong.

Over at DC, I still can't decide if I'm going to pick up Justice League of America. Did they have to open with the Extremists as the threat? Real poisoned chalice right there. How about Felix Faust instead? Or Starro? Have we seen Starro since Flashpoint? There isn't much else that caught my eye. Dr. Fate is going to have to team-up with Jaime to deal with a threat, but I doubt I'll be buying the book by then. Cave Carson may have a bad plan, that does intrigue me, so that's something.

Marvel is wrapping up both Monsters Unleashed and IvX in March. Will we get even two months of peace before they start the next stupid event? How likely is it both those books will actually end in March? Regardless, there's plenty of tie-ins to both I am uninterested in. Clone Conspiracy is wrapping up in the Spider-Man books. I'm not buying any of those, but I read a rumor we might get a Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider series with Peter David and Mark Bagley out of this. Although Ben being the bad guy raises concerns.

In terms of chutzpah, we have Marvel soliciting something that's going to cost $35, and not providing any information on it. Not what it's about, not who's working on it, not even what it's called. That can't possibly work for them, can it?

Elsewhere it looks as though Deadpool and Shiklah are finally going to have it out for real. Which I'm at least intrigued by, but they're spreading it out across Mercs for Money and Spider-Man/Deadpool, and I don't think I'm going to buy those titles. So we'll see how much I can follow by one-third of the story. Oh, and I notice Solo is absent from the solicits after six issues. If it was indeed canceled, raise your hands if you're surprised. I expect Foolkiller will being joining him any minute now. My condolences to those enjoying the books. No really, I've had a lot of books I like die swift deaths, it sucks.

Richard Rider is going to have a reunion with Gamora in the pages of Nova. That is, not the ex-girlfriend I was hoping to see Richard spend time with.Well, if they avoid any stabbing, consider it a good reunion. There's an Iron Fist, something. I don't know if it's the start of an ongoing, or a one-shot leading into a story for Power Man and Iron Fist. I guess I shouldn't be surprised if they tried to get him a series with the Netflix series pending sometime soon, but I didn't think the team book was selling well enough to justify either of them getting a solo spinoff.

I've forgotten to do this the last couple times, but Patsy Walker, aka Hellcat is still not canceled. Hooray!

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