Friday, December 16, 2016

Keeping The Nose To The Grindstone

Should I have saved yesterday's title for today? Today is the start of Year 11 here at Reporting on Marvel and Legends. My blog is almost to adolescence, which means, if it's anything like mine was, it will become reticent to share things with me and even more sarcastic and cynical. It's also going to stop trying hard in school in the 3rd quarter every year.

So what happened this year? I got a Real Boy job, and the world promptly stepped on the accelerator into a flaming pile of garbage. That figures, though I will choose to blame the current state of world affairs on the Cubs winning the World Series. Great work Cubs' fans; once again you have doomed us all.

I continued to not post on Saturdays, but this did not start a complete decay in the posting schedule. Yet. Which is kind of what I was afraid would happen. I would decide I could afford to skip a day every week, and then I'd skip another, and another, and so on. This year, there was a sufficient amount of stuff for me to talk about to avoid it.

I still haven't gotten to those alternates to the Favorite Characters list. I tried taking some new shots of the panels I wanted a couple of months ago, but they didn't turn out as I hoped. But I might finally be getting to buying a new computer, and so the long-promised Day of the Scanner might approach.

Stay tuned for me making the exact same promise this time next year.

I did start posting those League of Extraordinary Gentlemen-style teams every couple of months, and I'll probably keep that going for awhile yet. I'll have to transition over to movie characters or TV shows here before too long, but that could be fun.

I finished up the episode reviews of the Walt Disney Zorro series, and moved on to Foyle's War. That'll wrap up by early April. Haven't decided what I'll follow it up with. I have five different series in mind as possibilities. Comic book, movie, and book reviews will continue as I have them to review. I have a backlog of trades I might get around to reviewing sometime after the New Year. Currently they aren't in the same place as me, which makes it a little tricky. I didn't end up writing many stories (although going through the archives it was more than I remembered it being). Maybe I'll either hit some inspiration, or actually buckle down and just grind away. I might get to more conventions this year. There are something like 5 in Missouri in April alone.

Beyond that, I don't know what's going to show up. The usual stuff, me complaining about dumb shit Marvel's doing, probably. As always, thanks to all the people who read and comment, or even just read without commenting. You're a pretty swell audience to put up with all this. And with that said, here's some of the random stuff I wrote I liked this year, because it was funny or I thought I made a good point or whatever.

The Hood never learns
This never quite happened, but Bruno did cause some havoc with it
I'll need to test this someday
The only blog that argues about time travel AND squirrel longevity
Any time I can speak disrespectfully of Millar, I have to
Oh look, Geoff Johns spreading bullshit
Here I am advocating for more stories with Cable and Cyclops - I've gone mad
Given their recent track record, this isn't the accolade it once was
Hardly the stupidest part of Civil War II, but worth mentioning
I remain unimpressed by Ray Liotta and his vodka
I like grumpy, reluctant heroes
Friggin' Brad
Nebula should be the next breakout superstar villain


SallyP said...

Congratulations on being around for so long! I may not comment every day, but I do READ your blog every day... except when my fershluginer computer is on the fritz!

So... it's the Cubs fault for this kidney stone of a year? I never thought of that!

CalvinPitt said...

Well, it probably isn't ALL the Cubs' fault, but I'm fine with making them and their fans shoulder the blame.