Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Have Televisions Diminished In Lethality?

I was watching Grosse Pointe Blank again two weekends ago, because I'd been wanting to for awhile. That urge caught me by surprise, actually. I like the movie, but I wouldn't declare it one of my favorites of all time. Although, 'I don't want to get into a semantic argument, I just want the protein.' is a line I find myself muttering a lot (I think protein has become a stand-in for, 'you to shut the hell up,".

Anyway, we reach the climactic gun battle to save Debi and her father, and Martin kills Grocer by smashing a TV over his head. Because the film was made in the mid-'90s, it's a big box TV, and I thought about how, if the film were made today, that wouldn't work, because it'd be a flat-screen. In my mind, I see the TV breaking in half over Dan Akroyd's melon, and though stunned, he empties his gun into Martin's stomach.

Of course, it might not go that way. I haven't done any research. Despite the fact I'm pretty sure a flat screen TV won't fit neatly around someone's head like that box TV, it might be more of a solid object. So maybe it'll be even more damaging. Next time I'm at Alex' we'll see if his roomie will let us use his 50 inch flat screen to test the theory.

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