Wednesday, March 02, 2016

What I Bought 2/26/2016

Made a comics purchase of opportunity on Friday, managed to get a couple of books. The remainder of the last three weeks' stuff will hopefully be along next week.

Illuminati #4, by Joshua Williamson (writer), Shawn Crystal (artist), John Rauch (color artist), Joe Caramagna (letterer) - The Hood's face in the lightning bolt is a nice touch, since it lets him loom as this brief presence over the fight.

So Thor arrived right as the crew were about to start their heist. The Hood's attempt to convince they've reformed fails miserably, so it's down to Titania to keep Thor occupied until Thinker and Thunderball can get the artificial Bifrost working. Which they do, and they get to Odin's weapons chamber, and steal everything. Then the Thinker appears to betray and make off with the loot, not before triggering a bomb inside Black Ant. Even if the team survives, their stealthy approach is blown.

Though I wonder where Heimdall is? Seems like he'd notice the sound of a bridge opening. No doubt he's been put in some useless role by that dolt, Odin. The interesting thing to me about the twist in the plot this issue is I can't decide whether this is all some team-building exercise by the Hood, or if the Thinker just caught him with his pants down. I could see it going either way, given Hood's track record of thinking he's smarter than he is.

I like how Crystal draws the Hood most of the time as this extremely thin figure, wrapped up in his cloak. It looks simple, but it makes him visually distinct, and it's a different approach from what you get with a lot of caped characters, where it billows around them. He's not making himself look bigger, he's presenting a smaller, maybe less-threatening target, while also suggesting he's keeping things hidden. that said, there was some awkward stances for characters in some of the panels. At one point the Roxxon security is firing at Thor and Titania, and while I think Titania's supposed to be blocking their blasts with her fists, it looks more like she's shooting energy beams out of her hands. Sometimes Crystal simplifies his style a little too much.

I still wouldn't say I love this book, but I'm curious to see where it goes.

Patsy Walker, aka Hellcat #3, by Kate Leth (writer), Brittney L. Williams (artist), Megan Wilson (color artist), Clayton Cowles (letterer) - Who is the worst tipper among those customers? I'm going with Howard. Or maybe Enchantress. Doom will tip well, but with DOOMbucks, which are not recognized currency in the U.S. Which is not Doom's fault.

This month, Patsy must contend with her new landlord, Mr. Ravina, and his son Federigo, who both patsy and Tom find very attractive. Unfortunately, Mr. Ravina likes to drive tenants out and keep their security deposits, and uses his son's ability to control bedbugs to achieve this. Patsy is able to fight him off and convince him to mend his ways and take over being landlord from his dad. But it appears Mr. Ravina was also approached by Casiolena so her plans are still moving, and even worse, Hedy called Patsy to discuss the contract Patsy signed.

OK, so by the end of the issue, Patsy is over her crush on Federigo, citing her standards, which apparently draw the line at dating a handsome guy who can control bugs, but not at marrying the literal son of the Devil (who had a pentagram on his chest and stupid hair to boot). Patsy, dear, you have no standards. Or they're awful ones and you should seriously reconsider them.

Nice touch by Williams, having the outline of a heart around Patsy and Federigo when he first brings up the possibility of a date, then using it again at the end of the issue when she puts him off, only now the heart is crumbling on Patsy's side of the panel. Wilson's background colors for the fight scene, where she shifts between an eerie green whenever Federigo starts using his powers, and otherwise maintains this twilight hour lavender color, I liked those. There's something about the lavender that seems ominous. Not quite DC's "red skies = Crisis", but something's up.

Patsy's 'Oh my God so many bugs I'm gonna barf Oh my GOD,' made me laugh. Maybe because it's just bedbugs. If it had been ticks, I'd have been trying to find a flamethrower, and we'd have a dead son of a landlord on our hands. Which is probably grounds for eviction. Also, I like how largely nonplussed Dr. Strange is by Patsy's arrival and problem. She catches him by surprise initially, but once he sees who it is, he just sighs and asks her to use the front door. He sort of warns her to be careful, but hardly insists, because he knows it's a waste of time. But he doesn't play aloof, either. I tend to hate it when Strange starts being the distant guy, who can't have friends because he has weighty matters to contend with beyond their comprehension. Have some damn friends, Doc! Don't be like Batman, I don't care what the one t-shirt says.


SallyP said...

Odin is being a bigger jerk than usual, so I believe Heimdall is in the dungeons at the moment.

Hellcat has been tons of fun, I have to say. The covers are a hoot too.

CalvinPitt said...

He threw Heimdall in prison? But everyone loves Heimdall! That's it, Odin needs a time out! Or an Odinsleep. That's it, he's just cranky because he hasn't had a nap.