Friday, March 04, 2016

Who Is Getting Betrayed Is Unclear

I have this theory, based on Titania's seeming strength upgrade recently, and the Hood's observation of her fight with Thor in Illuminati #4.

The ray those poor dope thieves shot her with, the ones who busted into the pawn shop in the first issue, was designed to simulate whatever energies Dr. Doom used to give her power in the first place, like a boost to her powers.

That's not such a big deal, but it is part of the reason I can't entirely rule out that the Mad Thinker's betrayal of the team is all part of the Hood's plan. Because someone had to build that ray gun for him, and while Thunderball's a smart guy, he seems too on the level to have been involved (and too unsure of whether being part of this group is a good idea at all). The Thinker is even smarter, and I can't see any reason he'd object to building the gun.

Which doesn't preclude him from having betrayed the Hood. Titania being even stronger would help them get to Asgardia, which helps them get to those weapons he wants to steal. But then I start thinking about why the Hood couldn't simply teleport them to Asgardia himself. He has the ability to do so, and he's set up his HQ in some weird building where the only apparent exit is via him and his powers. He supposedly didn't teleport them away from Club Fenris because he'd take all the other villains along, too, which suggests he's got plenty of power to teleport only a half-dozen or so. So why not do that himself, given a quiet moment?

It could be as simple as him needing to know where to go, and not having a clear sense of where Asgardia is in relation to Earth. Or it could be part of a larger scheme. Either to bring the rest of the team closer together, by having them get betrayed. Or he could be using it as a chance to weed some weak links out. He decides he can't trust the Black Ant, have him blown up. Then see who on the team can fight their way past a bunch of angry Asgardians, and those survivors are the ones you keep.

It has a lot of potential for disaster, but that's the Hood for you, always making plans he thinks are better than they really are.

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