Monday, March 21, 2016

It's Bound To Work Eventually

Squirrel Girl tells Galactus she defeated Thanos, he dismisses Thanos as a fool. She tells Dr. Doom she defeated Galactus, Doom dismisses him as nothing more than a child who can't think past his stomach. Sooner or later she has to go up against someone who will actually be impressed by her past victories. There are a few villains out there with a realistic view of their place in the hierarchy that surely don't want to mess with someone with Doreen's resume. The Shocker, maybe.


SallyP said...

Well it does just go to show that super villains suffer from HUGE egos.

CalvinPitt said...

They definitely do, but you'd think a few would have learned a little something by know. Not enough to stop being a super-villain, obviously, but an awareness of where they stand.