Thursday, March 31, 2016

One Book Can Save The Month

June's an odd month for solicits. OK, so DC listed creative teams for their books. I didn't see any description of what these books will be about, but at least we know who's on them. Sort of. Suicide Squad is supposedly going to ship twice monthly with Jim Lee as one of its artists. There's not one of us who actually believes he's sticking around more than five minutes, right? So there are a couple of things that intrigue, though most of them don't start for several months. The Blue Beetle book, with Ted as Jaime's mentor, and the Keith Giffen/Scott Kolins team, I might try that (in September). The Batman Beyond book, since Jurgens and Bernard Chang will have Terry McGinnis to work with, and hopefully not that dystopian future Tim was stuck in. But as far as June goes, maybe Detective Comics? It's going to have Cass, and Stephanie, but it's also shipping twice monthly. But hell, Deadpool does that too, and I still buy it, so I can't really use that as an excuse. And my concerns about Eddy Barrows as one of the artists should probably be eased by reports he's been doing a good job on that Martian Manhunter book.

I was surprised to see some titles are continuing on through this Rebirth thing without starting over, though I guess I should credit DC for deciding not to mess with things that were actually maybe working for them. Especially surprised about Justice League, since I'd kind of figured Johns was going to use that interminable story he's doing with the Anti-Montior and Darkseid as a giant reset button.

Or maybe the book is just running behind.

Elsewhere, Roche Limit: Monadic will be wrapping up, Wynonna Earp is still going, and Descender will be back after a two-month break. Will I still be buying it? Eh, probably not. I should probably institute a rule that if I have to ask myself that question, I should drop the title.

Marvel's getting Civil War II into action, which is not good. Ms. Marvel is doing a tie-in issue, which leaves me wondering if I should drop the book until that's done, or trust Wilson and Co. to make it worth my time. I mean, I dropped Deadpool when it went directly from an Original Sin tie-in to an Axis tie-in, then came back afterward. Speaking of Deadpool, it's double-shipping - again - and the second issue is also a Civil War II tie-in. And the first issue is another $10 issue, that is supposedly going to contain an entire Deadpool/Daredevil/Power Man and Iron Fist crossover story in it. If it really is 80 pages worth of comics, that's a decent value, comparatively. Also, it looks like Illuminati was canceled, or maybe it's on hiatus. I didn't see it anywhere.

So offhand, kind of a crap month. DC's not winning me over, Marvel seems determined to run me off again, a quiet month from the smaller publishers for me. But none of that matters, because Yotsuba Vol. 13 is finally coming out! In May. But it was listed in with the solicits for June! And I probably won't get it until June! So it counts. It's been like 2 and a half years since the last volume, what's a couple of weeks?


SallyP said...

Ted and Jaime together? Oh dreams so come true!

CalvinPitt said...

Yeah, it sounds pretty good to me.