Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Shaving's A Pain, As In It Actually Hurts

I'm working my way through Daredevil Season 2 right now. Currently five episodes in, so haven't hit the oversaturation of ninjas I remembering hearing about (and am kind of dreading since Daredevil vs. ninjas is not one of my favorite things). I have generally enjoyed the Punisher, although him opening fire inside a hospital was a little jarring. Ennis' hyper-competent, extremely methodical version had taken deeper root than I thought. I've definitely liked Foggy Nelson so far, trying to stand up for the right thing even while being terrified. And they aren't playing some triangle thing where he's jealous of Matt and Karen; rather he's working to help nudge them together.

But let's talk about shaving, or not shaving, since Matt doesn't seem to be on speaking terms with his razor. He was in the flashbacks with Elektra, but in the present day, looking kind of scruffy. Maybe that's my bias, I tend to think of people with the stubble or that are on their way to having a beard as being scruffy. Mostly because I let myself get that way all the time, and I know it's because I can't be bothered to shave more than once every 4 days. Matt has to appear in court occasionally, and I don't know if juries respond well to scruffy attorneys.

Then I considered that Matt might not shave because, with heightened senses, including presumably the sense of touch, shaving might be really unpleasant. I know it's generally portrayed that Matt has learned how to tune out a lot of what he perceives because otherwise he'd go nuts. But early in the morning, after a long night of jumping around rooftops punching people, he might not be able to focus as well, and the sensations would be much closer and harder to ignore. It's been a long time since I bothered to use aftershave, but it wasn't enjoyable when I did. There's razor burn, or actually cutting yourself if you aren't using an electric razor. Maybe the smell of shaving lotion is just too potent, makes him nauseous in the morning. Admittedly, Matt gets beat up, cut, or shot on an almost nightly basis, and New York is no fragrant rose, but he probably doesn't want to start the day with more unpleasantness. He's trying to pull himself together for another day of playing a mild-mannered, sightless lawyer.


SallyP said...

I don't know...if I need a lawyer, I think I want one who looks as though he actually can groom himself.

CalvinPitt said...

Maybe that's Foggy's job? Although his suits always looked rumpled.