Monday, March 27, 2017

June May Not Be As Bad As I Feared

There's not much upheaval in the June solicitations for me.  Nothing I was buying from Marvel is tying into Secret Empire yet, so hooray. Marvel is doing a lot of tie-ins in other books and ancillary mini-series, but not my circus, not my monkeys.

A three-stage reaction:

Calvin sees Marvel is soliciting a new Defenders series. Forgetting how disappointed he was in the last, Matt Fraction-written attempt, he gets excited. Then he sees it's written by Brian Michael Bendis, and experiences great disappointment. Finally, he notices it is about the TV series Defenders: Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, the white kung-fu guy everyone hates now, and all interest evaporates.

DC's going to kick off their own grim event thing, which may be about a future ruled by Batman, or maybe Owlman, I don't know. It's not my bag, but it seemed worth mentioning. DC's also releasing a bunch of one-shots with various DC characters encountering the Looney Toons. Lobo trying to bring down the Road Runner would seem promising, but Kelley Jones' art is not my favorite thing, either. Sits too firmly in the grotesque for my tastes. Elmer Fudd trying to hunt down Batman could be funny, though I pity Fudd if he points that gun at any innocent families walking down dark alleys. The individual issues are a little pricey for me, but maybe there'll be a nice collection later this year.

And I saw a solicit on Amazon for a volume 1 collection of Abnett and Lanning's Legion of Super-heroes for September, which I might be interested in. Although they misidentify the two as the creators of Annihilation. Keith Giffen wrote that one.

Outside those two publishers, Copperhead and Real Science Adventures roll, and I might still be buying Steven Universe.  Undecided on that one. There's going to be another Wynonna Earp mini-series, a Season Zero. I'm not planning to buy this last thing, but there was a miniseries listed as Ash vs. AOD, which I initially read as "Ash vs. ADD". Which seemed fitting, Ash struggling with his greatest foe, his inability to concentrate.


SallyP said...

June sounds remarkably dull! I can't believe they are still riding the whole Hydra Cap idea.


CalvinPitt said...

Well, there's not a lot of new stuff, but the stuff we're already enjoying is continuing unscathed. Like Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl. I'll take that as a small win, at least.

Kelvin Green said...

Is that Abnett/Lanning collection going to cover Legion of the Damned? I've got Legion Lost but as far as I know the storyline that leads into it hasn't been collected, except as a 100 page special that goes for stupid prices.

CalvinPitt said...

Kelvin, the Amazon listing says Legionnaires 78-81, Legion of Super-heroes 122-125, and Legion of Super-heroes Secret Files #2. So I think yes, best I can judge.

Kelvin Green said...