Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Different Game, But I'm Still Not A High Chaos Guy

There was only one comic out this week I wanted, and I know neither of the stores in town is likely to stock it, so next week for comic reviews, hopefully.

I replayed Catherine over the last week (reviewed here). I hadn't played it since that fall of 2013, when I was still trying to unlock all the other endings. Which involved looking online to figure out what direction I needed to be pushing the meter. I could have just watched videos of the endings, but I wanted to get there myself.

One thing I learned from all that is the same story beats are going to come up every time, and all that changes is what particular thread of guilt or rationalization Vincent experiences. I could never force him to come clean any sooner than the game intended.

So this time, there was no set goal in mind. I opted to answer the questions posed how I felt. When Vincent received texts from one of the girls, I responded if I felt like it, with a response that matched how I felt at that moment. Which meant I was usually apologetic to Katherine (who Vincent was cheating on), if I responded. Sometimes, the options presented didn't add up to anything I liked.

As it turned out, I wound up with the ending where Vincent tries to get back together with Katherine, and she rejects him (as she should). Which was not exactly my favorite ending, though I didn't particularly want for him to wind up back with either girl. Too much lying going on from all parties there, and Vincent is still a mess.

I probably approached some of the questions in a backwards manner. The further into the game you get, the more questions become about whether Vincent wants excitement or a peaceful life. Orderly or chaotic. Chaotic excitement read to me like a bunch of noise and distractions around all the time, wild parties and bar fights, which are definitely not something I'm interested in, but I'm not sure I'm on board for orderly either.

If I wanted to go on a trip, I'd like to be able to just go, and not worry about checking with someone first. Or if I don't feel like going anywhere, then I won't. I don't think of it as being a desire for chaos. Sometimes I just want to go and not feel held back by all the things that normally do. Worrying about putting more miles on my car. Worrying about being tired when I have to go back to work, or if someone is going to need my help while I'm off somewhere. Sounds like wanting to abdicate responsibilities, at least for a little while. Which is more chaos than order, if a subdued version of chaos.

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