Monday, June 26, 2017

Fall Isn't Improving The Selection

Not a lot to get excited about in the September solicitations. Secret Empire is mostly over, maybe I'll go back to buying Deadpool. Or maybe not. Scarlet Spider is double-shipping again, but Wil Sliney is the artist, not Mark Bagley. Since I doubt Bagley has suddenly lost the ability to maintain a monthly schedule, I suspect the old bait n' switch Marvel's fond of, where they swap artists after the opening arc. If Bagley's gone, my interest in the book dropped by, hmm, let me see, at least 43%. But there's two more months of solicitations between now and then to see whether he pops up again.

Squirrel Girl is going to fight a dinosaur Ultron. Daredevil's watching intently, because once Squirrel Girl wins, this will become the new go-to for most improbable victory, edging out that time Daredevil beat an Ultron to death with a stick. Which is a gross oversimplification, but that's how it's usually presented. Anyway, that should be good.

DC's expanding that Metal thing they're doing, where Batman's trying to fend off an Evil batman from another universe or something. Hard pass. I see Keith Giffen is going to bring in the Justice League 3000 crew he was writing a couple of years ago for Blue Beetle. If I remember right, Ted Kord and Booster were there somehow, so will Jaime meet a different version of Ted Kord from the one he knows? Will the two Teds get to meet? I am, actually possibly talking myself into that. Go figure. I was still considering Justice League of America, but September is going to bring a two-part story about how Ray Palmer discovered the Microve-zzzzzzzzzz.



Outside those two publishers, no Atomic Robo mini-series yet. Maybe they're waiting for Real Science Adventures to conclude (which will happen in September). There is going to be a Samurai Jack mini-series, but that feels like a series where what makes it special won't translate to comics well. The combination of sound with particular cinematic tricks. Maybe I'm wrong. There's also going to be a John Wick series, which, same thing. I'm not claiming Keanu Reeves is some transcendent actor, but I do think he brings something to that role, and I'm not sure it can be recreated within a comic. Although I heard the current James Bond comic does pretty well. But Bond is such a big franchise, so many different actors, varying takes on the character, there's more wiggle room there.


SallyP said...

I so wanted to love the Geffen JLA 3000, but...I just couldn't do it. Nevertheless, I am pining for Ted and Booster and Jaime.

And Ralph and Sue, and Rip Hunter, and Fire and Ice, and everyone's REAL backstories back... and maybe a pony.

CalvinPitt said...

I think you got a better chance of getting the pony at this stage.

That's too bad to hear about JL 3000. I'd been toying with hunting it down in back issues, but maybe I shouldn't bother.

SallyP said...

He was really just trying too hard.