Sunday, February 02, 2014

Burn Notice 7.6 - All or Nothing

Plot: Sonya's cover was originally blown by some hacker syndicate, and her current mission is to find them, infiltrate them, wipe their records, and steal everything for the people she works for. Except she won't be doing much of that, it'll be Mike and Fi who have to pose as hackers to get employed, then use that to help them sneak and steal everything. Which means lots of awkward tension from the two of them having to work together. And it works, the information is stolen, so that's good.

What's slightly awkward is that Michael is still frustrated by the fact he has no idea who he's working for, and he wants in. Sonya warns him that it might not be a good idea, that this is more than a job, it's a deeper commitment that will divorce him from everything he has. At which point Michael has a loud soliloquy about how he's already lost everything, and he and Sonya have sex. But his apparent vulnerability and loneliness convince her to set up the meeting.

There's a subplot about Sam and Jesse helping Barry track down his girlfriend, who he hasn't seen since he was thrown in prison for helping Michael. As it turns out, she met a guy when she wanted to sell the car Barry bought her, and the two hit it off. Which is a little sad for Barry, but he takes it fairly well once all the facts come out.

The Players: Strong (CIA Guy on a Timetable), Cody Ward (Talent Scout), Jack Frakes (Man In Charge), Pike (Possible Killer/Tricia's New Guy)

Quote of the Episode: Sonya - 'There's a difference between being in the dark, and acting on faith.'

Does Fiona blow anything up? No.

Sam Axe Drink Count: 1 (2 overall).

Sam Getting Hit Count: 1 (1 overall). Wow, starting to feel like old times. All we need now is. . .

Michael's Fake Laugh Count: 0 (0 overall). Oh well, better luck next time.

Other: Hey, at least Mike's back using aliases. Hello, "Mark Fincher".

I wish they'd go back to giving characters titles. It's hard figuring out who I ought to give one to, and what it ought to be.

I don't give him enough credit for this, but Jesse is a very smooth talker. He makes things sound so simple and positive, it's hard to not want to go along with him.

That whole thing with Soyna and Michael is kind of creepy. Mostly because I can't tell if he's being real with her or if it's an act. Even if does feel everyone in his life has moved on without him, it's a little convenient he would just erupt and let it all out there for Sonya like that. It's possible Sonya's playing Mike, but I feel like her interest in him is genuine, for however intense it might be. So the idea Michael's taking advantage of that to get closer to the head of this network is distasteful. Which is funny, given how Michael uses deception almost constantly, but I guess I'm a romantic. I don't like people twisting affection around and weaponizing it. I did think it was interesting how at the start of the scene, Michael came in to his old loft soaking wet from the rain. He did the same thing in Season 2 when he believed Fiona had been caught in that house fire while trying to catch the guy who nearly blew up Michael. If you remember, he came home soaking wet to find Fi waiting for him, and went directly to her.

Hmm, if I remember, in that case he went out the next morning to get them breakfast, and when he returned, Fi was gone and Carla was sitting there waiting for him. This time, Sonya was leaving as he woke up. Apparently Michael's emotional breakthroughs are initially highly attractive, but afterwards, they make the ladies want to run.

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