Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Statler & Waldorf Would Have A Field Day With Them

A coworker and I were discussing various movie stuff this afternoon, to take our minds off the tedium of the work we were doing. I had mentioned that the new Robocop is only PG-13, rather than R, and coworker was aghast. Which led to much discussion of '80s action movies, such as which one had the most on-screen deaths, and how we kind of miss movies using robots and puppets and such, instead of CGI.

Which is when I jokingly declared I wanted the Avengers to fight a muppet-style enemy in their next film. Which made me picture a giant Kermit the Frog, shouting, 'Oh no, the Might Thor! Aaahh!' At which point his does that arm-flailing run he does, knocking over multiple buildings in the process. Oh relax, the buildings have been safely evacuated. This is not a Man of Steel situation.

Anyway, Muppets vs. Avengers. Why not?

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