Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Consider This Your Six Weeks Heads-Up

No, not for the Year in Review posts, though thanks to the weather, I'm starting to wonder if my claim of being done by Valentine's Day wasn't biting off more than I can chew.

Instead, it's time for me to slap on my huckster hat, and remind you about the 2014 Cape Girardeau Comic-Con!

Hang on a sec, the huckster hat seems to have shrunk since last year.

If it seems a little early to be a scant six weeks away, well, Ken moved it up to the weekend of March 21-23. Not sure why, but it ensures that stupid turkey season will not stand in the way of my making it to the convention. The fact it looks like I'll still have to work that weekend might, but at least it won't be the fault of those damn turkeys and their enthusiastic pursuers.

As usual, tickets are just $5 a day, and it looks like there are family weekend passes, where up to 5 people get a weekend pass for $25 bucks total (it'd be $15 per person if you just walked up each day).

He has some interesting guests lined up so far: Shane Davis, Douglas Paszkiewicz (Arsenic Lullaby sounds familiar, but I can't place it), Michelle Delecki, Brian Koschak is back (so I need to see if Back Alley Hero is out). At any rate, I am intrigued, and perhaps you are as well. In which case you should indulge, and come to the Cape Comic Convention next month.

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