Monday, August 25, 2014

Cards Against My Tranquility, Is More Like It

Got roped into playing Cards Against Humanity again last night, this time by drunk coworkers, rather than drunk acquaintances of my best friend. However, I still don't enjoy playing games with drunk people. They're easily distracted, and we could hardly go one round without someone getting up for more snacks, or getting up for more booze, or getting up to go to the bathroom.

Cheez, you'd think they were just playing the game as a way of spending time with people they like. I should appreciate that, but I guess I tend to be tunnel vision about these things. If we're going to hang out and chat, then let's just sit around and chat. If we're going to play a game, then let's play the game. That's what I came over here for, because they asked me to play, so let's do it.

I'm still not that good at the game, incidentally, though it's still very much luck of the draw. What cards do you have at the time a particular question is asked, who's doing the asking, what does everyone else have, how does the person asking decide to weigh things. You could probably kill everyone with alcohol poisoning if you did a drinking game for each time someone complains about their bad cards, or exclaims that the new card they picked up would have been just perfect for the previous question. I seemed to keep falling into a situation where I'd pick a card I thought was a sure winner, only to have it come in second to something I felt was far inferior. That happened at least 3 times, which was kind of irritating. I like to win, even at things I'm not good at (a few months back, a coworker asked if I had a friend who was too over-competitive about video games, and I replied I was that friend).

One thing I think I kept forgetting was that when the person who asks the question reads the responses, they aren't supposed to know who offered each one. A couple of times I picked a response I thought was funny about me, and they read it as being about them. I don't think that affected the outcome, but it's possibly something I should be taking into account.

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