Friday, August 01, 2014

What I Bought 7/31/2014 - Part 1

I had to travel to Cape on Thursday anyway, so why not pick up my comics. Unfortunately, Diamond has been shorting him on various books lately, including both issues of Daredevil that came out this month, so I don't have everything that came out in July. Hopefully by the time I get through the books I do have, I'll have acquired the ones I don't currently have.

Deadpool 31 & 32, by Gerry Duggan & Brian Posehn (writers), John Lucas (artist), Val Staples (colorist), Joe Sabino (letterer) - Deadpool's original sin is that he lied to Preston about passing those engineering courses at ITT Technical Institute.

Preston has found Deadpool's daughter, Eleanor, left in the care of Butler's brother some time ago. The brother is suspicious, and refuses to answer Preston's questions, so she leaves. Then Ultimatum shows up, and Preston reappears, smashing through walls in her robot body, tossing around old school bathtubs like nobody's business and generally turning the Ultimatum guys into red paste. Until a sniper damages her computer brain, but she's able to send a signal to Wade first. So Wade completely ditches Disco Dazzler to go find a ride to Chicago, ultimately getting there after Thor hurls his hammer with Wade attached. Thor's kind of a jerk about, but I guess he takes poor toilet etiqutte really seriously. Which is hard to believe considering he's friends with Volstagg. You can't tell me that guy hasn't wrecked a few loos in his day. Wade gets to Eleanor just in time to rescue her from Ultimatum (after having killed a bunch of their guys and disguising himself as one of them), and to watch Butler's brother die of a heart attack. Wade hustles her into an office building as a way to stall until the help he called earlier arrives. Meanwhile, SHIELD got Preston's LMD body running again and she and Adsit are on the way, and we learn what Adsit saw: Wade burning down a home with his own parents inside. Well then.

Oh, and Shiklah showed up to save Dazzler from the vampires and they're killing vampires together.

Figures that just as I decided to pass on upcoming Deadpool tie-ins to the next big event, on the basis that the current tie-ins to the big event of right now have been lackluster, the creative team ups its game. Or maybe it was just they stopped wasting time with vampires. It's not that I don't like Shiklah, or the idea of Wade hanging out with actual monsters, but this whole thing with Dracula doesn't interest me. Maybe if I read that Dracula's Gauntlet mini-series in the future, that'll help. Currently though, it's just something getting in the way of Deadpool spending time with his daughter. Which can only end badly, but I'm still hoping Wade will get some happy moments. Or I'm a sicko who wants to see Wade suffer loss so that he'll horrifically slaughter a bunch of idiots. I'd prefer to think that wasn't the case, but my enjoyment of the issue where he attacked that carrier and killed all the Ultimatum guys says differently.

I have had my complaints about Lucas' art, but he's quite good at drawing graphic violence. His people tend to react to being hit by bursting like water balloons. I mean, he doesn't skimp on it. Wade breaks some stupid cop's wrist, it isn't sufficient to merely show the hand dangling at a weird angle, the bone has to be protruding. Wade gets shot in the face? Have some teeth flying all over the place! There's also a nice page where Preston went out the window in the tub and it lands upside-down. Then she pops up and launches it into the air. Lucas shows the tub at various stages of its flight in that panel, up and to the right, and as it descends, it comes down on an Ultimatum guy standing in a different, smaller panel right next to where Preston is in the original panel.

After a disappointing couple of issues, Deadpool's back to doing what he does best: Killing idiots in matching outfits.

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