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The Invisible Man 1.20 - The Lesser Evil

Plot: Fawkes gets a mysterious envelope slid under his door. Inside is his file from the Agency, complete with reference to a "Solution Beta". The envelope lists a time and place to meet, and who should drive up but Allianora. Fawkes doesn't trust her offer of help, but she employs that old trick Michael Westin utilized so often and makes it look like she's willing to walk away. Well drive away, but you get the point, and he hops in. They travel to Cerberus Sentinel, a private security firm Chrysalis uses as a front, and Darien gets to meet Jarod Stark, who wants Fawkes on his team and warns him the Official is ready to remove the gland and place it in a more willing subordinate. He even has one here in town, a Tim Kirby. So Stark and Allianora put on the pressure, asking Fawkes what Claire's last name is (I thought it was Keeply, but I guess not), and if he knows what happened to the $10 million reward the Agency got for catching the Chameleon (1.14, "Beholder").

The seeds of doubt having been planted, Darien returns to the Agency where everyone does exactly the sort of things that would help the doubt grow. The Official deflects when asked about the money, and this is after he scoffs at Fawkes assertion he was bowling all morning, and rolled a Dutch 200, whatever that is. The Keeper refuses to tell Darien her last name, citing the need to maintain secrecy for her safety. None of which soothes Darien's mind, so he goes snooping in the archives and even as Hobbes catches him, Darien finds proof the 10 mil was stashed in a Swiss account. This convinces Hobbes to side with his partner, and they seek out Tim Kirby. Who tries to kill Darien the moment Fawkes introduces himself, only to get run over as he tries to flee. So Darien confronts the Official, even throws the Fat Man's phone through the wall, and it's then he learns the truth of Solution Beta. It is placing the gland in another host if the first one proves unstable. Like they did with Darien after Simon Cole went nuts. Darien is Solution Beta, and he is also pissed and out for payback. So he agrees to approach Stark as being interested in working for Chrysalis, and his first job is to take out Allianora. Fawkes points out that she's nice, but they have no chemistry, which is what I've been saying all along, but that isn't what Stark means.

Fawkes is confronted with 3 possibilities. Either he is truly meant to kill her, it's a test to see if he's willing, or it's Stark testing Allianora by forcing her to kill the target she failed to eliminate twice previously. Fawkes asks if they can have dinner at her place, and when he arrives and sees her wearing a huge sweater, he has his answer. He passes the test, though it hardly seemed necessary to behave so rudely towards Allianora first. Now that he's on board, the Official presents him with a CD that has a program that will send all of Chrysalis' files to the Agency once it is placed in their system.

Fawkes does this, and is immediately caught, because Allianora convinced Stark to rig the security system to notice sudden drops in temperature. Cover blown, Fawkes is now going to have the gland removed. But Hobbes is there with a back-up team, and they cause sufficient trouble the surgery is put off. And Fawkes somehow talks Allianora into setting him free. Which is surprising considering she had been sure he wouldn't shoot her, and was sorely disappointed when he did. She's a real forgiving sort. Fawkes escapes with the Agency guys, Allianora probably escapes with Stark, and we're told that the Agency did manage to get a little data thanks to the program Eberts wrote. Which seems to piss off Hobbes, but it's probably nothing compared to how Darien feels when he learns the Official is the one who leaked his file to Chrysalis, simply to set in motion a scheme that would get Darien inside. Cripes.

Quote of the episode: Official - 'I make no secret of who I am.' Fawkes - 'Is that supposed to comfort me?'

The "oh crap" count: 3 (35 overall).

Who's getting quoted this week? They're going way overboard. They used "curiosity killed the cat", "he who sups with the devil needs a long spoon", Francis Bacon's assertion that it's knowing little that makes a man most suspicious, the Bible's advice to separate yourself from your enemies, and take heed of your friends, who said we have to do be dishonest with each other to protect ourselves, and Thoreau, who felt one is paid for their suspicions by finding what they suspected.

Times Fawkes Goes Into Quicksilver Madness: 0 (7 overall)

Other: At one point, when Fawkes points out the Official hasn't had him killing people like Chrysalis does with Allianora, Stark tries to counter with people Fawkes has killed, and lists Dr. Carver, who you might remember as the guy who decided homeless people were worthless and stole brain cells from them. First off, good riddance. Second, Fawkes didn't kill him, Carver's own stupidity killed him. He stopped and leaned over a railing right in front of a door that opened outwards. That's natural selection at work, just like when Faith stabbed that Deputy Mayor in season 3 of Buffy.

OK, I looked up Dutch 200. It means alternating strikes and spares for an entire game. That is an incredibly half-assed lie. Admittedly, Fawkes didn't care because he was pissed and suspicious, but man, just stick with the 170 and the 175.

OK, I actually know why Hobbes was pissed. Eberts was being praised for writing that program, and Hobbes had gotten a paycheck minus 800 bucks because he threw someone they captured through a plate glass window, which had to be replaced. That, plus the Official's comment last week that Darien is the Agency's most valuable asset (and Eberts amusement with how much that bugged Hobbes) has Bobby a little irate. Plus, he and Eberts are in this struggle for approval from the Daddy figure, whereas Fawkes is trying to rebel, only to find the Fat Man has him countered at every turn. Maybe Cole should have beaten him a little harder when he had control of Darien's body.

I would like to update the unofficial, nearly hit by cars count, by Tim Kirby wasn't nimble enough. Thanks a lot, buddy.

I am curious as to why Hobbes and his rescue team were all carrying AK-47s. I guess they were trying to distance the firefight to come from any American intelligence agency. Either that or the Official was able to get them on the cheap. No wait, the Agency doesn't have a budget to provide weapons. So they must be from Bobby's private stash. I could believe that.

Credit to Stark. He got involved in defending his headquarters from Bobby's team. Yes, this mostly involved using the corpse of one of his men as a shield until he could pull the pin on a grenade on the corpse's belt, then throw the whole body in with their servers, but still. He did that under fire. For a sleazy executive type, I'm impressed.

The Official is feeling pretty smug right now. I'm not sure he's considering how wary this might make Fawkes about him. And Darien was already pretty wary, even if he did stick up for the Official to Stark.

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