Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Just A Few Shifts In The Pulls Of November

As we near the end of 2014, things are kind of quiet in the solicits. Nothing new is coming out for me in November. Roche Limit continues, Klarion is at least going to make it 2 issues before cancelation, and Harley Quinn is still teaming up with Power Girl. Not at all clear on how that works, since I thought Peej went back to Earth-2 a month ago, but it seems like Harley's book is going to exist off in its own little corner, doing it's own thing. Which is fine. I would prefer Conner and Palmiotti not have to show her working with the Suicide Squad.

At Marvel, there's two things of note. First, Superior Foes of Spider-Man is actually, finally ending with issue 17. I thought that was strange, seeing as the second trade ran through issue 15, but it turns out they reconfigured it so the second trade only runs through issue 11, leaving the final six issues for a third volume. So now is definitely not the time to jump on board the single issue train. It's still 5 more issues than I thought they'd get.

The other question is the fate of Captain Marvel. I said I'd decide after # 6, which, OK, I haven't gotten #6 yet. It should be in the next shipment, which will hopefully appear next week. I'm inclined to leave it on the pull list, if for no other reason than I've seen the published sales figures and I expect it might be ended by issue 12, anyway. That's a habit I have, I can't decide whether I need to shake. Sometimes having the whole thing to read at the end makes it look better, or good in other ways. In the meantime, though, I'd still be spending money on a book I wasn't loving.

Offhand, I'm not sure the arrival of Lila Cheney is enough to excite me. On hand, the potential of Carol hanging out with an intergalactic rock star could be good. This is essentially the problem I have with this title in a nutshell: It always sounds great in theory, but in practice, it never lives up to my hopes. It's not bad, merely average, or solidly good, when I keep thinking it's going to be spectacular or great. Maybe DeConnick and I are just on different wavelengths.

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