Tuesday, March 03, 2015

A Follow-Up On The Comic Shop Thing

Late January I found out my comic guy had been lying to me about the reasons my comic were taking so long to get here, as he pointed the finger at the post office instead of his own, I don't know, laziness, incompetence, one of the two. I said at the time I'd wait and see if he could show he actually cared about customer service, but I changed my mind. I called him last Thursday and told him I needed to close my pull list. He didn't seem surprised or concerned, he didn't even ask why, which sums things up, doesn't it. I was feeling slightly bad about taking my business elsewhere, because of some old connection with an earlier incarnation of the store, and he never cared.

He did ask whether I wanted him to send along what he'd pulled for me over the last month, and while it was tempting to tell him to keep it, I said to send it along. What the hell. He said he might be able to ship them out that next day, but we'll see. If he did, they might show up today, but I won't hold my breath. {Edit: Nope, didn't show up today. Oh well.}


SallyP said...

That sounds like some high quality customer service!

CalvinPitt said...

Yeah, my theory is he just really hated going to the post office, so having a customer who lives far away was a nuisance. Though I'm pretty sure he could have the mail carrier pick it up at the store, but maybe not.

Though I also got the impression he was more personally interested in Magic: The Gathering, so maybe he's moving the store in that direction. Either way, no concern of mine any more.