Thursday, March 19, 2015

I'm Grateful For Small Favors, Even Ones That Probably Aren't Needed

I figured out a reason to be grateful for the whole Superior Spider-Man thing. Because Otto was so successful at pissing off all the other heroes within 5 seconds of taking control of Peter's body, there was no chance he would get drafted into the Illuminati and their "let's blow up inhabited worlds to save ours" nonsense.

They might not have asked, although they brought in Braddock and Amadeus Cho, and it's not like Namor is some super-genius (also they might have expected him to reject the "destroy other worlds" plan the way Steve Rogers did). Generally, Peter hasn't been portrayed as being on the Richards/Stark/Pym level. But I feel like they've ramped up his intelligence over the last couple of decades, the way they tend to increase characters' strength over time. That gradual escalation of the character's abilities, so they can face ever greater and more extreme problems. They've done the same thing with Hank McCoy, since I'm pretty sure he wasn't this smart back in the '80s. Stark, either (I mean in a scientific knowledge sense, they've all gotten dumber when it comes to exercising common sense)..

Anyway, I'm just grateful they didn't ask, because I have zero doubt Octavius would have taken them up on the offer, since it would mean saving his own skin. And then Peter would feel a lot of guilt about destroying an entire world, even though he had nothing to do with it. There's been enough missteps with Spider-Man lately, he doesn't need another one.

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